How has this guy not been blogged before?

Really, when I came across Dr. Greenthumb’s (literally) green thumb, it blew my mind that this guy hasn’t been on modblog, much less,  not all over the intranet.

His tattoo fits him well, being that he is an amateur herpetologist as well as a Cypress Hill fan. It also helps to gives him one of the most legit IAM names ever.

I  had to ask the obvious, yet obnoxious, question we are all way too familiar with; “Did that hurt?” to which he responded:

It was a rather painful area to get tattooed. Especially around the cuticle is not pleasant. As of now I have only gotten the color to stay on top with a few blotches on the pad. I am determined to continue tattooing it until it is solid all the way around, then I’m going to tattoo roots and go from there.


For a close up shot of Dr. Greenthumb’s green thumb, keep on keeping on.


45 thoughts on “How has this guy not been blogged before?

  1. I had a video of him getting it done, but I turned it over to the Canadian authorities.

  2. it will grow out, probably look crappy, but you can tattoo fingernails, it wouldnt be any worse than the thumb pad

  3. My fiancee had her pinky nail ripped off during a gymnastics meet. She then had a smiley face tattooed in its place. She said it was incredibly painful. It grew out.

  4. I love this, but I’m curious to hear what general reactions are on the street. I could see a lot of people doing double takes and lots of “what the fucks” more so than facial tattoos or large facial mods.

  5. Indeed the green thumb does refer to my dedication to horticulture not herpetology. Though he was not wrong when he said that I am an amateur herpetologist. Just got things mixed around I’m afraid.

    The reactions I get are varied. Most get the reference and give a little chuckle and might comment. My favorite reaction is “Oh I have something like that” of course. I recently talked to someone who had a camel tattooed on his toe, I love comical tattoos.

  6. I’m pretty sure I own that colour of green nail polish lol, that would be cool to see

  7. I just wanted to say that I hate that “keep on keeping on” phrase. It was witty ONCE.

  8. Oh, Leftblank, get over it. =P It makes me, for one, smile every time I see it. ;p

    And I LOVE the green thumb! I do imagine it would be somewhat painful to get done, but totally worth it! Very nice.

  9. Agree with the painfulness of getting the sides of the thumb tattooed. I haven’t got close to under the nail bed yet but i did try alongside the nail….it hurt like hell until it got right next to the nail, at which point it didn’t feel like anything at all.

  10. @27 – Agreed.

    And if I had that green thumb it would surprise me every time I would look at my hand.

  11. @29 – Your “Jolly Green Giant” can climb into my pea plant any day of the week.

  12. Not even the exact shade of green, a contrasting green would look fantastic.
    He could also paint the nail red around christmas time!

    This is brilliant though, I look forward to seeing how it holds up.

  13. I’d love to see how it heals too! xxhellfirexx has tattooed his thumb black twice now, and it has only stayed in on the front below his nail.

    Its excruciating just to watch him go around the cuticle!! Eep.

  14. @#17 im sure it gets alot of looks but not more so than facial tattoos,thats still the biggest taboo as far as tattooing well thats visible to the public.

  15. im so impressed with the way the green color turned out. I have a few tattoos with green and every time they come out less grass green and more blueish looking, even though im pale as china.

  16. Healed photos please! This must be hard to get the ink to stay in.

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