Good Sportsmanship

Webster’s Dictionary defines sportsmanship as : “conduct (as fairness, respect for one’s opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing).”

Well, I should get a good sportsmanship metal for what I am doing here now, posting a nude shot of my closest legitimate piercing competitor Hannah, who works at Fatty’s Tattoo in DC.

Photo by Allii


26 thoughts on “Good Sportsmanship

  1. As the commentators on “NBA jam”, once said………….. “BOOMSHAKALAKA!”

  2. She is gorgeous… Wow and hubba hubba.. Seriously put this on the main page.. no but seriously do it.. we need a change jeez.. Plus once more though she’s fucking beautiful.

  3. so…. i’m wondering why it was necessary to mention anything about posting the picture of a ‘competitor’….
    basically, all that is is saying ‘look at me and look at how grow’d up i can be and look at how mature i can be and look at me me me me me me me me me me’

    the text in this modblog post was about 8% about the modifications and the rest about elevating yourself… to me, it just looks like a kid wanting the approval of his mother by boasting of a simple deed….

    the shot is great, the whole of it is just great….

  4. @ Cris, I am showing Hannah respect as a legitimate piercer in my area by referring to her as competition, something she seemed to appreciate as she mentioned both here and on my personal facebook page.

    Had I wanted to make it a “look at me” post, I would have certainly included a link to http://www.whatwouldseando. com :)

  5. Hannah, you look adorable and amazing it this photo! You rock the curls- I’ve always respected that you go natural with them .

  6. Funny thing that your link to your “brag” page doesn’t work lol.
    No offence, but she is a little better looking than you, Sean. ;) How’s that for competition?

  7. i was getting my septum pierced the other day and i was like “… that girl looks sooo familiar” holy crapp now i know where she works. Crazy!

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