It’s Springtime!

Even though we have had some ridiculously Summer like weather in my area, technically, it is still Spring. You know what that means? Dandelions! Weeds to some, beautiful flowers to others, but either way you can’t avoid them.

Ryan Oullette, who a lot of you may remember as the Lord Of The Blade, made sure for one lucky client of his, that dandelion season is year round. I don’t really like dandelions, or any plant for that matter, enough to carve it into my leg. However, if I was going to get a slab of bacon carved into me, you can be damn sure I’d stop by Precision Body Arts to hit up Ryan.


14 thoughts on “It’s Springtime!

  1. This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I seriously thought about something like this as the “air” element of my pagan back piece, and now I want it even more.

  2. So lovely. I love spring and summer and this really embodies the seasons. The artist did an amazing job.

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