The beauty of simplicity

As I was moderating images for BME, I came across this photo and I had to take the time out of what I was doing to jump over here and share it with all of you. This stunning photo was submitted to BME by xmasgirl (not sure if she has an IAM page or not).


There is something so beautiful in the simplicity of this photo and the serene look on her face just makes me feel happy. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. As for our BME World Tour group, they have arrived safe and sound in Australia and so, the tour officially begins!

34 thoughts on “The beauty of simplicity

  1. I’m not sure where to ask this but I have a couple questions.

    1. Where can we go to see updates on the tour? Will they be posted here? When? Could you tell us any of the shops or people that are going to be profiled? And what’s coming up after Oz?

    2 On the site, I’m a little confused on how to browse the galleries. Can we only look at six pictures? And is there somewhere to go to see what’s new? It might be nice to post a little “how to” tutorial because I’m totally confuzzled.

    Sorry to ask so many questions, I hope you can help, Jen!

  2. Oh yeah and who ended up being the sponsors of this trip? I’m guessing h2ocean? Let us know so we know who to thank for footing the bill.

  3. wow theres a serious lack of anything vaguely interesting on here these days,great labret i guess

  4. reflections in an eye and really bad photoshopping make for a stunning photograph?

  5. Did you just watermark OVER the only mod in it? Maybe the right bottom corner would have been a better choice to put it…

  6. I agree, she’s gorgeous, but who isn’t with that much photoshop? I think far less girls would find their way to modblog if it weren’t for photoshop… Just a bit of a pet hate! Either way, it’s a pretty photo 🙂

  7. The watermark is added automatically when it’s submitted so there was nothing I could do about it. I would not have chosen to put it there. :/ I still like the photo though.

    Either way, I’m a straight woman so I’m not posting girls because I find them hot. If I like a photo, I post it.

    And light mods have as much right to be on ModBlog as heavy mods. She has a labret piercing, I liked her photo, she’s just as much part of the community as anyone else who has submitted photos to BME.

  8. Totally Confuzzled – You had a few questions that I’ll do my best to answer here.

    As far as the tour goes, they will be posting to ModBlog. They just got there and they’re heading out for their first interviews today. I don’t know who all of the sponsors are but I’m positive that is information Rachel will be sharing when the posts start going up. I don’t want to say anything in case I’ve got my wires crossed so I’ll leave it for her to say. Definitely keep your eye on ModBlog, I’m pretty excited to start seeing their posts myself!

    As far as the BME site goes, I’m not bragging about moderating, trust me. I just happen to be a person who types like they’re talking and that was what I happened to be doing. 🙂 As for moderating photos, yes members will be able to do that, it’s not set up yet (we are still in beta, so things are still happening/changing). So the short answer to your question is yes, but not just yet.

    As far as navigating the galleries, the way that is done is changing. If you want to see more than the photos on the first page, you can create a profile (that’s free). That will allow you to see X number of regular gallery photos the same way the old version of the site does. Obviously if you want to see them all, you’ll need to buy a membership, the same as before OR, submit photos/stories/video for a free membership, the same as before.

    The main Photo gallery shows everything that’s newly added. The great thing about the new version of the site is that photos are being moderated and going up immediately so that means there’s constantly new content being added. If you’re looking for something in particular, go to its specific gallery page but if you just want to see what’s new, then scrolling through the main Photo Gallery will show you that.

    I hope that answers everything. I think you’d asked something in another post as well and I tried to address it all in one place. Please feel free to email me if you’d like any clarification or if you have other questions (in case I don’t see your comment here): [email protected]

  9. I could take a google a picture of Mr. Bean and make him attractive if I felt like photoshopping it THAT much.

  10. @ Stephanie (and the rest of the OMG PHOTOSHOP posts)

    All that has been done here is colour alteration (standard) and too much skin smoothing using gaussian blur by the look of it. Now, tell me exactly how you would make Mr Bean look beautiful using those techniques?

    You see a pretty girl and a bit of photoshop and you all go crazy. It’s not important.

  11. i don’t care if the girl looks pretty or not…what i care about is that this is considered stunning photography. photoshop does not equal art.

  12. @Holly I think she’s a pretty girl, but it’s unnatural looking. I’d like to see the original photo.

    @k this is NOT my idea of great photography. Ralph Eugene Meatyard is a great photographer. Anyone could take a picture like this girl if they had a decent camera and some skills in editing.

  13. Ah the good ol’ judgemental folk posting all over modblog…

    1. Who cares if it’s photoshopped? If it turns out as a nice picture, then let it be posted. Photoshop is pretty common, I don’t get why you’re all bitching about it.

    2. And I agree with Jen. Light modifications have every right to be on BME too. For those who are “bored”, maybe you should take a step back and just enjoy something simplistic for once instead of begging for the next goriest picture BME can post.

  14. I love how whenever the masses complain about simple piercings being featured on modblog, instead of something more unusual, there is always someone who feels they have to defend the “simple” piercing. Get over yourself.

  15. k – I don’t think it’s “stunning photography”, I think it’s a stunning photo. I’m entitled to my opinion as much as you.

    Just to be clear, I didn’t photoshop the picture, this is how it was submitted. It struck me, I posted it. Not everyone is going to like what I post, that’s ok. There are lots of other posts to read.

  16. It is a great shot. The reflection of the tree (or whatever that is) centered in her eye gives a false cat iris look that’s pretty awesome. If I had taken it, I’d be all kinds of thrilled.

    I’m not really a fan of photoshop either but it’s not going to make me dislike an otherwise quality photo.

    Great job!

  17. This is a modblog.
    There is a mod.
    It’s a nice pic.
    Therefore it deserves to be on the blog.

    Though I agree that the degree of editing actually dimishes from what already looks to be an unearthly beauty.

  18. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like no one gets center labrets anymore. Glad to see I’ve been proven wrong.

  19. hello photoshop. a cute face with bright eyes, though I’d like to see it less edited :}

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