Your Flesh Means More Than You, whatever that means

“Your flesh means more than you”, I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean, but it sure sounds deep!  Anyhow, I like the design of this scar and the wording seems to tie in well even if it’s meaning is a bit over my head.


This piece comes to us from Rato at Guru Tattoo in Portugal. For a few closeups, keep on keeping on.



29 thoughts on “Your Flesh Means More Than You, whatever that means

  1. your flesh means more than you = protest the hero lyrics. unless they are getting it from somewhere else haha

  2. First thing that came to my head was rape, as in you’re worthless and your body is more valuable than you as a person. That’s probably wrong though. Cute scar :D

  3. Sounds to me it’s a salute to the masses, flipping the bird to those who see themselves as primarily their flesh – their body and face (ie the vain) – and shows them towards this compared to this guys more open nature. It suggests a _person_ goes beyond ‘this’ flesh.

    Hell I might be totally off the mark but thats what hit me when I was thinking about the wording.

  4. the only thing i can think of is its a line from a song on the band protest the heros album kezia, but otherwise a really really cool scar

  5. To me it means “You shouldn’t care what others think of ya, do what you want to yourself, its your skin.”

  6. I thought maybe they got an organ from a donor and it saved their life. Or maybe some spinal something rather, hence the spine.

  7. That’s my favorite Protest song <3
    “Because dignity is not physical and your flesh means more than you.”

  8. looks pretty cool but, uh, what is it supposed to mean? i’m kind of with Noemi on this one, although my though process wasn’t rape specifically

  9. Looks nice. If it is from the lyrics, it’s to do with vanity and what not i think. I love scarrings, but i wouldn’t ever get one so big, i want to save space for tattoos, i want color on my skin.

  10. I wonder how it’s going to heal…..? thats an awful lot of detail…. really pretty though

  11. oh…and yes, it’s from Protest The Hero (big fan here). It’s from the lyrics of “turn soonest to the sea”. To me it means to forget vanity and start paying attention to what is important, to treat people equally…to realize that a body it’s just flesh and to scar it, tattoo it, pierce it won’t change who we are…

  12. It’s about sexism. It’s saying who you are, who you were born, will determine how other people treat you. Your flesh means more than you.

  13. @ryan: since you mention that…the dicks are going to be tattooed when the scarification is 100% healed ^_^

  14. im pretty sure the songs about a whore
    and yeah “your flesh means more then you”
    not all shit is deep just because it sounds it
    they probably wrote that cause it sounded cool as a group chant aha
    but i like the design does does it stay redish?
    seeming as its deep?

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