BMEshop wants you!

Have you checked out BMEshop lately?  The tank top below is out of print but there many other different shirts available not to mention the wide selection of jewellery, media and much more!   If you’ve got photos of yourself in BME shirts or wearing our jewellery please feel free to submit them to the site.  If they’re really great we may even use them in the shop!

The photo below was taken by IAM: Trillance.


Check out more folks in BME gear in the t-shirt gallery.

8 thoughts on “BMEshop wants you!

  1. WOOOHOOO!!!! :-)

    That tank top is a classic! :-)

    (And by the way, the sleepy logo is currently available on hoodies at

  2. I have this tank top too! Though… it doesn’t look half as good on me as it does on Trillance up there.

  3. Thanks, chokehold and sparrow!

    Of course, if you want to see more of me I perform in and about the New York and Toronto areas! Find me at www dot taryntulla dot com!

  4. Am I doing something wrong? Apprently I can’t view more than 1 page of T-shirt images in the BME gallery because I need to sign in…

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