BME Girls Calendar 4/30/2010


For those of you interested in seeing this batch of girls who submitted their pictures for  possible use in the upcoming BME Girls Calendar, keep on reading. If this isn’t your thing, come back later for other types of modblog post.

REMEMBER: Absolutely zero negative comments will be tolerated!!!!!!

S Arden
About being a featured girlThis event is open to all BME Girls age 18 and over. Girls of all shapes, sizes and race are encouraged to submit pictures. Contestants can be dressed or nude, but nothing too pornographic will be featured. Pictures need to be of decent quality, lest the readers condemn me to hell for posting webcam shots. Agreeing to be involved is consenting to be featured in the calendar, if you are selected for it. If you want to suggest someone, feel free to do so. I will contact them and see if they are interested, but no one will be featured without their explicit approval. To submit pictures, please email them to [email protected] Make sure to include your IAM: name (or real name) in your email.

About votingVotes will be tallied by emailing [email protected], just make the subject “Vote (insert name of girl you choose)” and your vote will be tallied. Voting last 7 days (168 hours) from the time the girl was posted.  Votes will be anonymous, there is no reason for anyone to know who voted for whom and how many votes each girl got.  Voting for one week ends when the following weeks post goes up. Please note, this isn’t about competition, it’s about a fun, interactive way to get the readers involved in the selection process.

About Commenting: I am enforcing a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for negative comments about the girls. They are being kind enough to share themselves with us and to help BME make a calendar, they should not have to fear public ridicule. Negative comments will be deleted, if we have a repeat offender, all of their future modblog comments will be sent to moderation. This isn’t about censorship, it’s about common courtesy and respect.

39 thoughts on “BME Girls Calendar 4/30/2010

  1. I love Velocity’s first photo, but Alex has got my vote.

    Look at these beautiful women, all 3 of them. It’s a shame that BME girls hasn’t updated every week lately.

  2. WOW! What a group of beautiful women! Really hard to say whose pics are the best, but that first pic of S Arden is just so damn cute I have to say she’s the winner in my book.

  3. Wow, all fucking gorgeous! Digging the back piece on S Arden!

  4. don’t think i can actually choose a favourite but i should probably stop licking my screen :P.

  5. Oh man, Arden definitely. 1) That blue on her tattoo? God, that’s awesome. 2) Mmfff ass. Perfecttttt. 3) That first picture just makes me want to tackle her and playfully make out. Uhm, is that creepy? >__>;

  6. Woah. All gorgeous ladies, but I really love the backpiece on S Arden. Any more pictures of that up?

  7. More pics of my back piece on my IAM page. =)
    Haha, thanks guys! I totally didn’t realize that I sent NO BOOBY PICTURES! GASP! Some on my IAM too I think…

  8. Holy balls. The shot the fifth down – fucking GORGEOUS! Jesus!

  9. Drat, I’ll have to actually buy an IME account one of these days, or finally go in and get my piercings done than ! Haha, either way, love the back piece Dagon, kudos to you and your artist.

  10. I think you should definitely look for a fair share of older women for this calendar too. Many long term bod-modders who don’t just follow trends are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

  11. Yah, older gals would be cool too. =) They need to submit their photos though! So start buggin’ ‘em!

  12. Holy crap, Velocity. <3 Love her second photo. They’re all gorgeous ladies, though.

  13. Still can’t decide… This time it’s really hard. S Arden’s face expression on the first photo is sooo cute and she’s adorable all over, Alex totally fits into my “taste”… Not to much over the top. Hmm…. Really hard decission

  14. does alex work at peach beserk? if not there is a girl i saw there yesterday that looks exactly like her..

  15. I know it’s not allowed, but I honestly don’t think anything negative could be said about these posts.

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