You had me at amputation…

This photo was submitted by ONEalan, who didn’t appear to be on IAM.  I have nothing insightful to say about this picture, but holy cow cadavers, does it belong on modblog!


Of course the non-blurred version is available on the click through.


Update: As requested, some close ups of the tattoos. Unfortunately, these were as big as I could get.


26 thoughts on “You had me at amputation…

  1. I tell you what, I’ll make some closeups of the tattoos and post them here shortly. As for information on the amputation, all I know is that it was submitted under amputation, which I would presume mean it’s voluntary. However, for all I know it could be a true case of the proverbial “boating accident”. Most of the images I use are taken directly from the galleries, if the user submits no info and I can’t track them down on IAM, I am left with a photo with no story. In this case the photo was so striking, I decided to use it even with out any information on it.

  2. I’d really like to know more about the voluntary/not voluntary status of the amputation, if possible. Love, Kerry.

  3. his tattoo (“underwear like”) cover has primitive aspect and style, there is use of geometric design and solid lining incorporated through and around his pictorial images. i admire the dark dancing monster on his left cheek, his high contrast jupiter with space ship is also an interesting piece. i like the bordering pattern design that borders off the rest of the body to the peice.

  4. It could be it wasn’t voluntary but he submitted himself under amputation anyway, especially since he decorated it. Am I right in thinking it looks like one of those “cut here” dotted lines?

  5. Dude! This guy is awesome! Im also hopping on the “MOAR PICS” bandwagon. I really want to see exactly what he has tattooed on his penis…

  6. What a beautiful man. Great physique, wonderful tattoos, and one of the sexiest shaved heads I’ve ever seen.

  7. Very good, he is a polite and a little shy boy, he never goes to the beach without bearing his swimming trunks !

  8. Wow, that (lack of) arm really suits him! I almost can’t imagine him with the arm intact, it seems so natural…If it was unintentional and he’s just styling it out then he’s done an amazing job of looking comfortable -nay – sexy with one arm!
    And the tattoos are beautiful.

  9. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I have a bunch of photos and some videos on BME but because of the number of submissions to the site it can be hard finding specifics. I was in a motorcycle accident they saved the arm but because of the nerve damage I decided to amputate it after living with it for a year or so.

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