Oh Swayze……

Last time we featured a tattoo on Modblog  that was a tribute of one of Patrick Swayze’s films, it payed homage to the film, Roadhouse. Personally, I would have preferred the next tribute piece we featured to be a classic Swayze film be dedicated to the movie Point Break, but since none have been submitted, I guess this will fill the void for now.


This tattoo is on Melle.Luka and was done in her actual handwriting by Mylooz in Brussels, Belgium.

11 thoughts on “Oh Swayze……

  1. That’s a neat idea, but the line is “Nobody puts baby in the corner” not “a corner”.

  2. i hope by “her actual handwriting” that means she writes in that style all the time, no matter the circumstance. cuz that would be awesome.

  3. I’ve never seen Point Break .. But to me it’s just a quote form Dirty Dancing ..!

  4. guess its from fall out boy ~~ but the title should be “nobody puts baby in th corner” ^^

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