Lounging, like Richard Cheese


Megan Smith sent us this simple, yet striking picture along with the following information:

The thigh tattoos are about a month old in the pic, and done by Ben at Tattoo City in Wellington, NZ. I took the photo myself with trusty Mr Tripod and Mr Self Timer. Also visible are my 1/2″ ears and half of my paired arm tattoos.

15 thoughts on “Lounging, like Richard Cheese

  1. Lovely photo!
    I would love to have one in bigger resolution for my desktop.

  2. I’d like to take her out for a nice seafood dinner and maybe give her a kiss at the end of the night. She’s beautiful.

  3. I wish people would submit decent size pictures. can’t see the tattoos, or her ear jewelry. lame.

  4. I’m just so so stoked that a picture from little ol’ Wellington New Zealand got on Modblog! :D Woo!

  5. @Lesha The picture is viewable in a larger size in the BME Galleries, it had to be shrunk down a bit to fit on here.

    Sometimes we feature pictures that focus on the mods, sometimes we focus pictures that focus on the modified people. This one falls into the latter category.

  6. Gorgeous picture. I like the full-length ones that focus on the overall effect of the mods and person.

    Also, her shorts have made me want a pair.

  7. Lovely picture. It’s just awesome to see someone on ModBlog who has been tattooed by the same artist as me. Yay Ben.

  8. I would suggest out of personal preference any time that a picture is shrunk down for front page posting, a click through link is available with the full resolution picture. It really is a beautiful shot, but its hard to make out all the details.

    Of course, that is unless there’s a specific reason not to do so. :p Either way, my hats off to the girl in the picture – stunning!

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