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And finally, folks, we conclude our broadcast week (and our summer of celebrity death) with this Roadhouse-inspired Patrick Swayze memorial tattoo by Emily at American Ink Tattoos in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She explains:

Roadhouse is a very important movie to my circle of friends (anyone who hasn’t seen the pop-up video commentary on this flick is seriously missing out on some quality drunken laughs), and when Swayze died I drew up this tattoo. It was something I had to do that day, and thankfully my good friend Tom was up for it. The thistle is a metaphor for Dalton, as we all know of his philosophical/cooler genius…

Fare thee well, Swayze. What else went on this week?

Shark attack!

Brianna made her triumphant return to ModBlog.

Josh will seriously just straight up murder you.

The appropriately named Bluetat checked in from some mannequin graveyard. He seemed pretty happy about it.


Your editor is not up on his Spanish slang, apparently.

Thanks for hanging around, friends. Also! There may still be some goodies left for BME Shop’s 50%-off Kaos sale! Go take a look before it ends on Sunday at midnight. Other than that, we should be around tomorrow with a fun new interview, which is the sort of thing we can all get behind, right? Then, come Monday, we fire this sucker back up like normal. Until then, have fun, stay safe, and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME.

6 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. I was devastated when I found out that Swayze was dead. The boyfriend and I watched To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar the night that we found out. It’s our favorite Swayze film. That man could definitely rock a dress.

    As for the shaky lines — it’s a thistle with a worn banner. It’s stylized that way. If you look at the pods, then they’re rounded perfectly. So the execution of the tattoo is just fine. Awesome art, Emily.

  2. hey, this is emily. first off- thanks for posting my work! i was BEYOND psyched to see this on modblog as i’ve been a reader for years. just wanted to make a note that I was the executer of the tattoo and the OWNER of the tattoo is my buddy Tom. I’m on my second year of tattooing and to be featured on this website made my week, 2009, whatever. 😉 Also, thanks Hundr for noticing that the “shakey lines” are an intentional style choice and not shitty tattooing. Thanks Jordan!

  3. Yay Emiri!!!!! This made my day!! p.s. the banner is meant to be tattered and worn looking, ease up asshole!

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