From The Vault: Female Chastity

I decided to hit up a gallery I haven’t really looked in before to find a feature for modblog, so I checked out the Female Chastity gallery on BME Hard.  There were some fairly recent additions from last December, but just three pages back I found these pictures from 2005! To go back five years in only three pages is a rarity on BME, and I know there are quite a few ladies who partake in these sort of activities, so here is my chance to politely ask those ladies to start submitting some pictures!


Obvously, handcuffs alone don’t quite cut it for chastity, so for the  chastity piercing you are going to have to keep on keeping on.



Chastity devices come in all types, for all sexes, but for the ultimate commitment it takes piercings. Obviously, the most common use of piercings for chastity is like what is shown here, labia piercings connected to close off the vaginal entrance. Either inner or outer labia piercings can achieve this effect and the more pairs done, the more effective as chastity devices. In these pictures the wearer is connecting 2 cbr’s with a padlock, but a more secure way of doing this would be to wear the padlock through the piercings themselves. Another, example of female chastity is the clit shield, which doesn’t stop penetration but (theoretically) stops clitoral stimulation. For more examples of female chastity, via piercings and other methods, check out the gallery. Of course,  the boys aren’t left out, they have their own gallery as well.

23 thoughts on “From The Vault: Female Chastity

  1. This may not be a completely effective chastity device, but it sure would make things interesting. ^_^

  2. yeah I feel like you could still slip a dick in there. I could be wrong.

    Anyway I’m digging the piercings

  3. Not really digging the whole dangly thing she’s got going on, but I am most certainly digging that ass….

  4. not usually into chastity of the male or female variety, but these pictures are very aesthetically pleasing! thanks for giving me a new view on things.

  5. Zestril heart medicine and poster.

    Chasity play with a nurse? Hot.

  6. That’s the kinda thing I’m thinking of doing as a sign of submission to my owner ^.^

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