The Guess What Game (Results)

Well, the moment you’ve been waiting for all day is here, the results from today’s Guess What game.

First a quick re-cap of the images.

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


So, if you haven’t had a chance to guess, here’s your last chance.  If you think you know what all three are, keep reading to find out!

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From The Vault: Female Chastity

I decided to hit up a gallery I haven’t really looked in before to find a feature for modblog, so I checked out the Female Chastity gallery on BME Hard.  There were some fairly recent additions from last December, but just three pages back I found these pictures from 2005! To go back five years in only three pages is a rarity on BME, and I know there are quite a few ladies who partake in these sort of activities, so here is my chance to politely ask those ladies to start submitting some pictures!


Obvously, handcuffs alone don’t quite cut it for chastity, so for the  chastity piercing you are going to have to keep on keeping on.

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Yes! You can tattoo your pink parts purple!

In my short time as a modblog author I have posted a chrysanthemum female genital tattoo and a blacked out anal tattoo. Having already posted those, I was hesitant to add this one, as it seemed like more of the same. Then I viewed these photo at full size and realized how well integrated into her actual vulva  this piece was.


As you may have noticed, I am kind of lame and don’t post “naughty bits” on the front page here, so keep reading.

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Microdermals, the go ANYWHERE body piercing option.

I figure with everyone’s questions about the anal tattooing and it’s risk of infection, now is a great time to post this female “taint” microdermal.

Will it survive in such a moist, and potentially dirty area? Will it  hold in such soft tissue, especially with the abuse it may take from daily activity, much less sexual activity?  I suppose only time will answer those questions.
For a better look and information on the piercer who did the work, please click through.

Good Morning, ModBlog!

We hate to be Debbie Downer here, but we have to say, as much as we love these underwater photos of Milk (sent in by Spring, we’re just not convinced of the efficacy of that thickness of rope as any sort of flotation device. We mean, it looks wonderful, and we’re certainly excited by the news that Midori is now ostensibly offering swimming lessons, but safety first, alright? At any rate, feel free to click through to remove that conveniently placed starfish, and hey! There’s even more after the jump.

It’s Friday, ModBloggers—and it’s a big one.

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A Word So Unheard-Of

We admit that, when it comes to various feats of genitalia modification, it can be a bit of a sausage-fest around these parts. The hoary old cliche is that, oftentimes, we lucky gentleman just more surface area with which to work, thereby providing for space with which to be creative and to experiment. This, of course, is not always the case, as demonstrated (this time) by this most impressive labia piercing ladder above, most piercings of which look to be, at the very least, well past the zero-gauge mark. Hey, organic knuckledusters? There’s a new kid in town. After the jump, we see, as the wearer explains, her “labia stretched so much that a new sort of piercing is possible: a ‘hanging Christina.’”

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The Attentive Eye

It just occurred to me that it’s been an eternity since we featured anything by way of all-star BME photo submitter Kitano Karyuudo and the lovely Eva, pictured above; I really love the starkness of the pictures in this set (among other, more obvious things). More photos, all click-throughable, after the jump, but if that’s not enough, check BME/Hard for their extensive gallery.

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Just a Bystander


We all took turns admiring this wonderful corset piece a few days ago, largely because of how well it was coordinated with the wearer’s dress. Well, here we have some more lovely pierced corsetry, albeit placed slightly differently. I have to say, though, this project is a bit more difficult to fit into a whole ensemble, especially for a wedding. Unless, you know, she’s just wearing a pair of old school Keds or something. Hmm…hey, photo shoot idea!

And of course, all the click-through and post-jump images you’ve come to know and love and expect from we here at ye olde ModBlog.

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