Modblog news of the week: May 9th 2010

Hi everyone, Rob here with this week’s round up of news from around the world.  This is my first entry as the new “news guy” so be gentle.

The first story of the week was sent in by Botexty.  Over in Sioux City, IA. Inkfliction Tattoo has thrown their support behind today’s “Mother’s Day Race for the Cure“.

“For the month of April, Inkfliction Tattoo is raising money for Susan G. Komen, by tattooing cancer ribbons for $25 and donating all of the proceeds.”

So far Scott and his team at Inkfliction have raised well over $1000 from the tattoos, as well as another $2500 from staff members participating in the race.  So if you happen to be passing through town in the near future, stop by and give these guys a pat on the back.  They deserve it.

It seems that getting tattooed for cancer isn’t just an American idea.  Over in the UK, a company is rallying together to raise money for cancer by having it’s employees get tattooed with cancer ribbons.

“ID Customs Tattoo Studios, owned by Derek Young and Jeff Grimet, came up with the idea after a few people wanted tattoos of the cancer ribbon.

Derek said: ‘Everybody has been touched by cancer at some point whether it was themselves or a member of their family so we thought that this was a good way to do something.’

‘Members of my family have been doing the Race for Life and I thought that this would be something nice to do.’”

So not only are both these shops raising money for a great cause, but they’re also showing people that tattoos aren’t just for sailors, hookers, and fetish models who sleep with the husband of a famous actress.

Speaking of Michelle McGee, according to this article, she’s breaking the “rules” of female tattoos.   I’ll let the author explain…

“My first concern about tattoos is whether or not they look feminine. I think ladies should opt for tattoos that mean something to them but tattoos should be done with femininity in mind. Don’t take suggestions from Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, because she looks like a prison inmate, especially with the odd tattoo she has written on her forehead. That’s just weird.”

So there you have it ladies.  If your tattoos aren’t “feminine” then you look like a prison inmate.

So while prison tattoos on women may be out of fashion, there are still some who think the look can work for them.  With Iron Man 2 debuting this weekend (go see it, and stay after the credits), MTV sat down with Mickey Rourke to talk about his role in the film.

“Rourke had in mind the villains from old Sergio Leone Westerns played by the likes of Eli Wallach or Henry Fonda. He also wanted Vanko to have a mouthful of metallic dental work, a body covered in tattoos and a white cockatoo of whom he is quite fond.”

Rourke also credits director Jon Favreau, for backing his decision, and pushing the studio to let it in the film.  And while the tattoos aren’t given as much focus as they are in other films (see: Eastern Promises), they definitely do help define the character.

Now not all news is good news.  This recent Huffington Post article taps right into the fear mongering side of people who have no knowledge of the modification industry.

“70 percent of people with tongue piercings report complications, ranging from local infections, eroded gums, chipped teeth, and more serious systemic infections including hepatitis B and C.”

This 70 percent also includes a woman in Connecticut who removed her tongue stud 2 days after getting it done, and subsequently developed a severe brain infection.  Unsurprisingly the author writes an entire article on all piercings without mentioning safe practices, or aftercare.  Going through my list of links to post for the week, I came across quite a few of these stories.  While I won’t be posting them all, it seems that as far as the industry has come along in terms of codes of conduct, there are still studios out there willing to make a quick buck regardless of safety.

Back on the international front, the BME world tour gang can look forward to some company while in New Zealand in the form of shrunken heads.

“French lawmakers decided Tuesday to return 16 tattooed and mummified Maori heads to New Zealand, ending years of debate on what to do with the human remains acquired long ago by French museums seeking exotic curiosities.”

Although there is still some legal red tape to go through, it looks like these heads are going to be returned.  Although, museums world-wide are now a little nervous due to the number of mummies floating around.

Over to Bollywood, actress Bipasha Basu has caused quite a stir:

“Sources reveal that Bipasha has right now put on small diamond studs in her new piercing, but later, as the pain lessens, she will go for diamond earings. The sexy siren has been a real trendsetter of sorts, and for all one knows, multiple piercing is soon going to be the order of the day, in the fashion circuit.”

While it’s safe to assume she isn’t the first person to have multiple ear piercings in India, by the sounds of the article I’m assuming that it isn’t something you see in celebrities.  Hopefully some of our readers can enlighten me further.
Finally to wrap the week up, a couple of stories involving tattoos that the owners will probably end up regretting.

Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend, after a night of drinking, decided to get another set of matching tattoos.

And a Manchester City football fan got a little too eager with his support for his team.

So that’s it for this week.  I just want to take a moment to recognize that today is mother’s day, so pick up the phone and call your mom or a mom you know.  To all the modified mommies that visit modblog, I wish you a very happy mother’s day.

If you come across something you think is newsworthy, feel free to submit a link.

16 thoughts on “Modblog news of the week: May 9th 2010

  1. Guh. Is it bad that I cringe whenever I hear someone make a statements like ” Tattoos are stylish, fun fashion statements”, and “…I am beginning to see tattoos as a must-have fashion accessory that will always be in style.”? Maybe I am just being over-sensitive as its 3:30AM and I am likely to pass out, but I am very infatuated with the body modification culture. I will skip the harping on why/how.etc someone should get into body modification as this is BME, and you are all the most amazing of folks… But when people are treating tattoo’s like its just a trite little fashion statement and nothing more kind of disgust me.

    Granted, I mean, this is coming from the same elegant author that wrote “My first concern about tattoos is whether or not they look feminine. I think ladies should opt for tattoos that mean something to them but tattoos should be done with femininity in mind. Don’t take suggestions from Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, because she looks like a prison inmate, especially with the odd tattoo she has written on her forehead. That’s just weird.” Hnnng is all I can say to that.

    To the ladies that are “prison inmates” or not, but have tattoos with *meaning* and *depth*, I salute you whole heartedly.

  2. tattoos are always a personal body art form that is a form of self expression not a fashion statement, not angry just annoyed like trippin

  3. Everyone’s got their own take on what tattoos should look like or represent.
    Personally I look for aesthetic cohesiveness and Nazi McGee looks plain bad.

  4. Tobias: I didn’t mean she’d regret getting Fuck tattooed on her. I was going for the whole “couples tattoo = relationship kiss of death” myth.

  5. The repatriation of moko mokai/toi moko is a big thing to Maori. I’m pleased it got a mention here on Modblog!

  6. It’s all good. I didn’t think that was aimed at me at all. I just wanted to clarify in case people thought I meant getting a “Fuck” tattoo is something to regret.

  7. Re multiple ear piercings in Indian ladies – you need to keep in mind that India is a huge and very heterogeneous country. I’m from Malaysia and I often see very conservatively, traditionally-dressed middle-aged or old Indian ladies with like four to six piercings in each ear. Most of the Indians in this part of the world are Tamils or Malayalams or other southerners. The way the Bollywood news is making a big deal about it just shows that a) rich urban people in any country can be pretty ignorant about traditions and diversity outside of their circles and b) people who write celebrity news have nothing better to do.

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