Modblog news of the week: May 16th 2010

It’s time again for the Modblog weekly news roundup.  Before we started I just wanted to thank those who have been submitting news stories.  While I can normally get a good chunk of the national and international stories, I’m always on the lookout for local stories.  So if something mod-related is going on in your neck of the woods, feel free to send it in.

To start things off this week, we’ve finally reached the end of a story we’ve probably all heard about by now.  Lee Dietrick was finally awarded his “Babysitter of the Year” award.  His prize?  Three years in prison.

“Deitrick tattooed the outline of the letter ‘A’ on the child’s buttock. The mark covers about one-half inch.  Deitrick pleaded guilty in Stark County Common Pleas Court to two felony child endangering charges as part of a plea deal with county prosecutors.

Ideally this will be the last we hear about this guy, but who knows, in three years he may still be just as stupid.

To save some space on the main page, you’ll find the rest of the news after the break.

Continuing on with tattoos and law enforcement, the long arm of the law in Scotland is about to get a lot less colorful.  It seems that while visible tattoos have been acceptable for a while on officers, as of now, that is no longer the case.

“Although ‘body’ art is acceptable for footballers and pop stars, police chiefs have ordered officers to hide their tattoos under full-length sleeves after reports of crime victims being alarmed by ‘thuggish-looking cops.’ … ‘they would also no longer recruit anyone with markings on their face or neck.’”

While I’m certain rules like this exist all over, this is the first case I’ve heard of where the officers were previously allowed to have visible ink, and subsequently losing the privilege.  So for all our Scottish Modblog readers, if you were ever planning on joining the police force, make sure you don’t have anything visible.

On the plus side, if you do end up losing your job as a Scottish police officer, you can take a trip down to Weston-super-Mare outside of Bristol where a cosmetic surgeon is giving out free tattoo removal to out of work Westonians.

“Barry Crake wants to give treatment at his clinic in Sunderland to people whose job hunt is being thwarted by unsightly ink designs.  Barry has carried out the 10-minute procedure on 57 unemployed people so far, nine of whom have found work post-treatment.”

Now I know tattoo removal isn’t for everyone, but it is nice to know there are people out there willing to help those in need.

So while Barry is in the business of removing tattoos, Ian Watson is in the business of giving them out.  Now I know that you’re thinking, “Rob, why the hell are you about to give us a story about some random tattoo artist”, the answer is simple.  He isn’t actually a tattoo artist.  Ian runs a company called HIS Hair Loss Clinic, which specializes in using tattoos to “cure” baldness.

“HIS has created a new cure for male baldness with a scalp pigmentation technique that fills in fellas’ sparse spots with tattoos that look like locks.  Men have their heads inked in the same shading style used at tattoo parlors, providing a permanent fix that beats all other methods of hiding bald spots.”

I’m thankfully a few years away from needing this, but I’m going to guess there are probably a few guys out there contemplating it.  It’s about time us guys got our own cosmetic tattoos, it’s no fair the girls got to have their eye and lip liners and we had nothing.

Now here’s a story that actually makes me mad.  Now I know Modblog writer Lexci is going to get mad at me for talking about this, but my family breeds dogs.  Part of a standard practice with registered litters is that the dogs are tattooed in their inner thigh as a means of identification.  Keeping that in mind, it seems the news just loves to blame the evils of the world on tattoos:

“The pit bull-type dog, which was tattooed on its inner thigh, was found unleashed, posing a serious risk to the public.”

Yep, you read that right.  The headline of the story itself even focuses on the tattoo, and not the dog (or the owners who made it violent).  The dog is tattooed, which makes it bad.  Sigh.

By now all the hangovers from APP should have cleared up, so I wanted to share with the piercing community this lovely story about “gauging”.  Yes, you read that right.  The article talks about “gauging”.

“One day when he was 19 years old, Colby Jennings stabbed his ear lobe with an ice pick.  That was the moment Jennings started gauging his ears. Gauging, also called stretching by some, is similar to a regular piercing, but the hole is made dramatically larger over time with rounded objects placed through the ear lobe.”

For all the good work that professional piercers do, along come stories like this.  All the education, training, information that is out there, and these kids go to Youtube to find out how to pierce.  Then, when things eventually go wrong, they run right for the doctors, which leads to sensationalized stories about kids getting their information off of Youtube, and the cycle continues.

Personally what upsets me most is studios like LA Body Art in Mobile, AB that has almost 1000 videos on Youtube all of which show some type of cross contamination, or horrible practice.  I spent some time looking through their videos this week and I watched people being pierced with no clean up between clients, bare-handed wiping of tattoos, and piercings done so quick the piercer didn’t even bother to look at the site, just clamp and stab.  So not only are kids looking at Youtube videos of other kids doing unsafe things, but there’s a “professional” filming her work to show how she thinks it should be done.  (A warning if you click the link, most of the videos have really loud music so turn your speakers down first).

Going through the links this week I stumbled across a couple of really interesting stories about traditional body modifications.  First up is a story about Tricia Allen and her new book about Polynesian tattoo history and art.  Now the second story isn’t as much a story as it is a collection of excellent images from India showing a procession in praise of the goddess Maha Mariamman (Sheetla Mata).  There is a separate article here that describes the rituals that take place during the procession.  Finally researchers in the middle east have found a connection between henna tattoos and an increased chance to contract leukemia.

As always, we wrap things up with the latest news/gossip out of Hollywood.  It appears that this year’s tattoo trend (at least according to this article) is typographical tattoos.  So ladies and gents, the “tattoo experts” agree that if you want to be trendy, it’s best to go out and get some form of script work.  Now if you did have the stomach to click the link, you may have noticed Amanda Seyfried’s new tattoo.  It turns out the Mean Girls actress has tattooed “Minge” on her foot.  She explains why in this story (with video goodness).

So that’s it for this week.  Thanks again to Botexty for submitting one of the stories this week, and I’m looking forward to reading what everyone else sends in next week.  And a quick reminder that this Friday is Bike to Work Day, so dig your old ten-speed out of the garage and pedal your way into work.

34 thoughts on “Modblog news of the week: May 16th 2010

  1. mad kudos for putting a snippit about Chassity. theres been alot of hype about her and how unprofessional she is. getting the word out there to avoid her shop is, i feel, necessary.

  2. What in the world…. ? I’m looking at Chassity’s portfolio on myspace. “World famous tattoo queen”? Keep on dreaming, honey. You shouldn’t be drawing anything on anyone’s skin.

  3. You know, in the States, ferrets are tattoo on their ear – two dots that let you know they have been ‘descented’ and that they have been fixed. It makes sense that a dog breeder would mark their dogs for identification – in this situation, I don’t think its any different from those chips they give dogs in case they get lost.

  4. i lived down south for years.on occasion i would run across her public access show.that’s right a tv show. granted it was on very late or early but none the less. it was a bad show,as you could have guessed.
    just though i would share that with you all.

  5. If there are going to be cops I’d rather they look thuggish that act the part.

  6. All my cats have tattoos in their ears (looks kind of like ø), given to them under anaesthetic whilst they were being desexed.
    Ever since then they’ve been extremely aggresive and have savagely mauled many helpless children.

  7. Free fucking piercings with every tattoo?! Because you are over stocked?! Are you fucking kidding me… It’s assholes like that, that damper this industry and make it so hard for respectable people to conduct business and make a damned living.

  8. I think I forgot to mention that in one video, she answers the phone without changing gloves while tattooing, and I’ve never seen her bag her machine and clip cords. But my all time favorite was a young girl getting her tongue pierced. Chassity clamped her tongue without examining it, the girl stopped her and asked her why she isn’t checking the site, to which Chassity replied “I’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been alive”, then proceeds to clamp her tongue in a different spot and pierce it.

  9. that Chassity is such an arrogant health hazard! her profile boasts that she started tattooing in 1992, but she has the artistic merit of a 10 year old! This Bitch gives the industry a bad rep.

  10. not to mention she uses “sterilized” ACRYLIC jewelry in fresh piercings. *shudders* that woman needs NEEDS to be shut down before something terrible happens.

  11. I am so glad you posted about Chassity. She is horrible and does horrible work on others. I feel so bad for those who allow her to damage their body in such a way. Something needs to happen about this, she can not keep this shit up.

    Good work, Rob!

  12. So I left a comment on Cassity’s youtube page, and it said “comment waiting approval”, so I just KNOW it won’t be approved, because I had nothing nice to say. She’s an arrogant hack bitch, and I hope she gets shut down, and is never allowed to draw “art” ever again.

    And the whole “sterilized” acrylic jewelry? Sterilized with what, flame and alcohol? We all know how effective THAT is.

  13. Comment denied. I tried to post on another video, and it said “You have been blocked by the owner of this video.” All I did was point out all the wrong things in the video. Too bad the youtube comment boxes aren’t long enough to list ALL of it, so I had to limit it to just the best (or worst?) of the offenses.

    Dunno if that’s harassment or not, but I don’t really think so. I didn’t flame her or anything just listed, just like this: 1) This is wrong 2) This is cross-contamination 3) This is terrible practice, etc.

  14. yes, Chassity is a dirty cross contaminating whore….but i doubt many customers notice that over her big ta-tas.

    On another note…i read that “henna linked to luekemia” article and it said “benzene” was the main reason. Did any of you know that cosmetic tattooists use this substance right here in canada to clean their needles between colours?

  15. The article about the tattooed pit bull is ridiculous. Typical media representation of these dogs-and they even threw in the tattoo stigma too!

    “A POTENTIALLY dangerous dogs left to roam free…”
    “The pit bull-type dog, which was tattooed on its inner thigh, was found unleashed, posing a serious risk to the public.”

    They just said potentially dangerous, now they are saying it’s a serious threat. How so? I wonder what gives them the idea this dog is a ‘serious threat’? Oh right, because it’s a pit bull type dog-and we all know they eat babies for breakfast and have locking jaws and are offspring of Satin himself.

    “A council spokesman said: “Unsupervised, this kind of dog can be potentially dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with it.”

    Yes, all dogs of one particular breed are ‘potentially dangerous’. And I am sure this one was roaming the streets looking for it’s next innocent victim.
    ALL dogs are potentially dangerous. Cats are potentially dangerous. Cars are potentially dangerous. Everything is potentially dangerous.

    Thanks to the irresponsible owner of this pit bull enabling him to escape, the media had a field day with it. Happens every day but will always boil my blood. My dog is an angel and I love him to death despite everyone else hating him for no reason than his breed.

  16. i think tattooing dogs is real helpful. people think nothing of cutting out chips in the dogs neck and the scar is hidden by hair. can cut off a leg of a ear without drawing attention.
    (howevor i have none of my dogs tattooed, my brother who has many pedigree and highly trained dogs finds it vital.)

  17. I have never heard of that Chassity girl till today. So I watched some of her videos and she fucking sucks. On some of the videos she would do two piercings with the same clamps without even attempting to sterilize them.

  18. Hey! Haha!
    I’m all for identification for dogs (One of my dogs has a tattoo, the other younger one opted for the snazzy microchip IMPLANT!) Tattoo them, chip them, collar them.
    I’m just against dog breeding. (duhh!) 😉 (And any other form of “modification” like tail docking, ear cropping, etc)

  19. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the videos on Chassity’s YouTube after having read the comments on here.


    Also, I definitely agree with the practices of tattooing / chipping dogs for identification… and other animals (like descented ferrets and fixed cats). I’d rather be able to help someone get their beloved Fluffy the Pitty back than have Fluffy stuck in Animal Control and then put down [ :'( ] because he can’t find his way back home.

  20. Free piercing with a tattoo? That’s just idiotic. One day people will realize that their getting what they pay for when they go to shops that offer “deals” like that.

  21. You know the sad thing about that dog story? I could see that being run here, in a country where it’s compulsory to have your dog microchipped so that it can be identified. There’s really no difference between tattooing and mircrochipping, they’re just different ways of putting ID under the skin, but I can see people being scandelised by the idea of a tattooed dog…..and they probably couldn’t tell you why. It’s not like the dog chose to get tattooed…..

  22. WTF! i think it’s hilarious that pristine american actress got ‘minge’ tattooed on her. over here in england its a proper grimeyy word used for pussy lol. it’s 1 of my favourite words for a vag because of that!

  23. Apparently Chassity is a devout Christian, despite her blatant disregard for the well-being of others, and plethora of half-naked pictures. She dedicated an entire video to chewing someone out for posting with the username deadgirl666.

  24. For someone who pitches her myspace page at every turn, she sure likes to block people when they ask even simple obvious questions, or have anything other than some ass-kissing comment to make. I asked her via myspace “Why are your comments set to Friend’s Only?” and I got three separate scathing messages back, then she blocked me so I couldn’t reply.

    One read, in it’s entirety: “jus a lil advice im almost 40 i know what im talking about” For being almost 40 and looking over 50 (too much sun is bad, children) she has the maturity level of a young child.

    The other two read, again, in their entirety: “i think you spend too much time on myspace…………………”

    And: “m. y . space do you know what that means……..think about it. gary head destroyer and protector the the queen now go play; in your space and and stay outta this one.”

    Wow… what a great credit to her craft, way to give tattoos and piercings a BETTER image. *rolls eyes*

  25. I live in the town where Chassity pierces and tattoos. Mobile, AL. She is absolutely a disgrace to anyone in this town that tattoos and pierces. She is unlawful in her practices and is a fucking joke to the entire industry. She knows she’s awful, but she doesn’t care because she has a shop in the middle of one of the worst parts of town. So, she gets a lot of druggie and thug clientele that don’t give a shit about what they’re doing to their body. She does drugs, she sucks a lot of cock, and makes indiscreet disgusting trades for tattoos and the like. She is unprofessional to the highest extent and I agree that something should be done about her. People like that should NOT be allowed to pierce and tattoo, and should be evaluated to stay open. She just took my friend Tori who is a well-known and highly professional piercer/model in town to court for “slandering her character” by tagging one of her YouTube videos saying how she is doing microdermals wrong and it is damaging to the person having them done. She actually WON this case and now Tori owes $10,000 for basically telling the truth. And the shop Tori works for owes $300,000 in damages for the same bullshit!!!! It is fucking mindnumbing how this can even happen. Chassity has a lot of ins with lawyers and high-end officials in Alabama government because, in short, she sucks a looooot of dick. She is disgusting!!! She literally makes me sick to my stomach. If this was the oldschool, she would’ve been pipe bombed already or perhaps even murdered.

    If anyone out there is really interested in helping us bring her down, and putting forth a good effort, PLEASE do! We need all the help we can get to shut her down for good and let the professionals thrive in our community.

  26. Video links and details about anything she is doing wrong, or pointing out anything unlawful will really help! Thank you

  27. What more evidence do you need about her terrible piercing practices than her 1,000+ videos? Just show those to the people with the power to shut her down, and you should be good.

    I hate our legal system. I really do. That kind of shit like you posted makes me want to just move to Canada or something.

  28. If you do a search for “Chassity sucks,” you’ll find this hack is featured in a lot of shitty tattoo threads. It seems the word is getting out about this idiot, albeit, not fast enough!

  29. Like Lauren said be careful, she just won that suit against Tori. Which is FUCKED UP, but is easier than you think, happened to me once, but I got lucky when I begged and pleaded to pay the guy off. She not only sued Tori, but the owner, AND the shop. Amazing.

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