Piercing guns are bad, but machine guns are awesome!

Every year a few hundred piercers, and nearly as many piercees and body mod fans in general venture into Las Vegas Nevada for the annual Associations of Professional Piercers convention. Of those few hundred people, every year a few dozen of them go to the gun range to shoot various machine guns, high caliber pistols and other assorted bits of explosive awesomeness. This picture, courtesy of Robin captures one such group who made that venture this year.


Brian , Noah , RobinSantos,  Cere and V

Sitting-Michelle and Jareb

14 thoughts on “Piercing guns are bad, but machine guns are awesome!

  1. The intelligence of piercing guns and machine guns is quite the same: Really stupid waste of inventors intelligence – could have invented much better things.

  2. why did i know someone would be high and mighy about guns.

    cans can be fun so long as you dont shoot them at someone with intent to kill, to make someone dance, is fun.

  3. Theres not nearly enough young, modded people in the firearms scene. I was at a gun show last weekend and one of the vendors, who was young himself, said “what’s that through your nose?” Oh, well, we bought a gun from him anyway, lol. Also, anyone who thinks guns are a waste of time or ingenuity obviously has no experience with firearms. Sucks for them.

  4. guns are fun, machine guns are even more fun to shoot. You should try it stomchaser.

  5. it’s cool, guys. i didn’t really want to go shoot guns with you all anyway. (that was sarcasm, btw!)

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