Annie get your gun

Growing up in Canada means I didn’t have a lot of exposure to firearms growing up.  In fact, Canadians are only allowed to own and use three different types of weapons.  From an early age we’re given a bolt action rifle and expected to hunt for our own food in the wilderness.  As we get older and stronger, we are given clubs, as it is the preferred hunting technique for baby seals.  Finally, when we’re 12 we can apply for a license for a shotgun, provided we can show proficiency with shooting zombie targets in the head.  According to Brian, this is an M16 which is one of those newfangled assault rifles that reloads automatically through some form of American witchcraft.

A little birdie once told me that it’s easier to get an assault rifle in New York than it is to get a hand gun.

Piercing guns are bad, but machine guns are awesome!

Every year a few hundred piercers, and nearly as many piercees and body mod fans in general venture into Las Vegas Nevada for the annual Associations of Professional Piercers convention. Of those few hundred people, every year a few dozen of them go to the gun range to shoot various machine guns, high caliber pistols and other assorted bits of explosive awesomeness. This picture, courtesy of Robin captures one such group who made that venture this year.


Brian , Noah , RobinSantos,  Cere and V

Sitting-Michelle and Jareb

Rest Your Trigger on My Finger

Well here’s a fun and sexy time! Some vulgar pin-up gal walks into a cowboy bar, finds the biggest gun in the room, pumps him to the gills with powder and then just goes to town—who hasn’t heard that story before? (I think it was the plot for Deadwood.) Anyhow, what better excuse than this piece by Sean Walrad from Colorado Springs’s Pikes Peak Tattoo to get an old-fashioned ModBlog debate fired up? Let’s see…what’s more important, a healthy sex life or the right to bear arms? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

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