The mystical scar

I’m always amazed at the variety of scarification work out there. While the thought of actually getting any done myself is absolutely terrifying, I am often in awe of the work I see on others. Benbodhi’s piece is no exception. He got this work done at the 2nd Sydney Expo and I’m assuming it was done by multiple artists as he lists, and under the artist credit.

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13 thoughts on “The mystical scar

  1. Cool use of texture and line weight, would love to see a healed shot of this down the road.

  2. This is beautiful.
    Though I doubt I’d get any scarification done myself, I don’t really like the look once it’s healed, I love how it does when it’s fresh though.

  3. I was on howie’s (hence the lunacobra tag) page yesterday, and yes he said this was a collab between himself and his two pupils. pretty cool result!

  4. The hand looks kinda weird if you look at it too long, but im sure it’ll be better healed

  5. It looks SICK healed! – I’ll put up pictures soon…
    Thanks for looking and appreciating, this is one of the most amazing mods i have had.

    Much more cool shit to come in the future…


  6. Ben – how was the healing for the first week?

    I can imagine your arm rubbing against it and causing a huge amount of discomfort, was thinking healing would be far worse than the procedure itself heh.

    But of course very pretty, great work and im sure your proud to show it off 🙂

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