Congrats Grads!

This picture and accompanying note came to use from Stacey, let it be a heart congrats to all graduates from us humble modblog authors.


Tis the season of college graduations, this pic represents my own personal accomplishment of receiving my Bachelors degree in Music Business/Management, but I’d like to send out a big congrats to my fellow graduates for whatever field they have completed, whether you’re a marine biologist, just finished your piercing apprenticeship, or any other of the millions of fields one can go into. I thought it would be nice for BME to recognize personal accomplishments of those who face discrimination for their mods yet pursue their dreams. Congrats all!!!!

16 thoughts on “Congrats Grads!

  1. very nice picture. i like her look; and yes congrats to all grads!! can’t wait till i get my bachelors.

  2. Congrats, and: kick ass, pretty and an education, ya got the world to conquer!

  3. Twenty-Ten what then!!!
    I’m excited to graduate from High School and get on with real life.

  4. Congratulations graduate. I have another year of college left…then on to a master’s degree and PhD! Woooo, I’m so excited to bury myself in debt. XD

  5. Even though I really prefer people with actual kinda thick eyebrows, I have to say I’m totally stunned by the amazing make up and hair dye.

  6. I’m graduating from University of California-Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Psychology. They say Santa Cruz is a liberal town, which is true, but not true of the psych department, Every time I went in their with my mods I was treated differently. Im proud to say I made it through! Congrats to all of those that have, modded and non-modded alike!

  7. I’m finishing up my first year of graduate school right now. I work with exceptional children in either a counseling or education environment and they absolutely love my tattoos. I think it’s just something different and colorful for them to see. Honestly, I think they’d love me no matter how modded I was.

  8. Yes!
    As soon as I saw this pic I knew somebody would comment on the eyebrows. Cheers Kira, you cheered me up.

  9. woot. nice pic.

    I graduate this year, in July. Just finished puting up my degree show exhibition. doing BA fine art.
    sad to be leaving but excited for the future, amazing times. seems people in america are graduating
    earlier than in the uk

  10. I wasn’t supposed to be able to graduate high school, but by a stoke of luck, I am. Fuck yeah, 2010.

    Also, sweet highlighter hair.

  11. getting my Ba in socialanthropology in a couple of weeks, then its off to the masters..

  12. At first (very brief) glance, I definitely thought that was a big pink dildo emblazoned with “2010″.
    I kinda wish it actually was.

  13. I’ll be graduating from Lincoln Technical Institue on Jan 11. I’m honestly the most excited I think I’ve ever been and so far this edcucation is nothing short of amazing. I’m going for massage therapy and I feel like I fit right in. I’m a little afraid of how some may view my tattoos, but I know I can make it just fine.

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