These are just a few of my favourite things!

This tattoo really speaks to me.  I have to say it gave me a little chuckle when I came across it.  I’ve been sewing for just over a year now and it’s one of my favourite things to do.  A sad, little known fact about me, lately I’ve been making myself guacamole every Friday night.  So this tattoo, combining sewing notions and avacados just makes me smile.  I can only assume these two things hold a similar allure for Tea_Leaves, who submitted the photo.  The ink was done by Justin Buduo out of Piercing Emporium in Worcester, Mass.

19 thoughts on “These are just a few of my favourite things!

  1. Ha whats with all the crafstsers on bme lately ? I recognized this tattoo as soon as I seen it ! I love it btw …

    and yay for more people getting sewing crafty tattoos … I just uploaded new pics of my sewing sleeve to craftster last week

  2. This is awesome…
    i LOVE the crafty tattoos!

    recognized this from Craftster too! They have a thread dedicated to peoples’ craft themed tattoos….

  3. Ok I haven’t logged in to Craftster in awhile. I’m going to go do that now.

    Kristen – A lot of embroidery scissors in particular have very ornate handles on them. Some of them are really quite pretty, for scissors.

  4. i love this! i happen to have an avocado-and-craft themed tattoo as well, surprisingly.

  5. These are two great things, to be sure..

    Why are they combined in a tattoo? looks pretty fuckin’ ridiculous.

    I really like grapefruit (pamplemousse!) and I’m quite fond of dogs as well… should I get a tattoo of a dog eating a grapefruit?

    maybe with a really ornate spoon?

  6. Mor – Why not? Who’s to say what should and shouldn’t be combined for a tattoo? It has meaning to the wearer so who cares. If it is meaningful to you to have a grapefruit and a dog and an ornate spoon combined into a tattoo, have at it. I certainly wouldn’t call your tattoo idea ridiculous and I don’t think this person’s tattoo is ridiculous either. Actually I think it’s pretty freaking awesome.

  7. Aw, thanks guys!
    To Mor, I say if you love the things you love, why not combine them!
    The handles on the scissors were completely Justin’s doing. He did a GREAT job and I love it!

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