Now THIS is commitment

Nothing says commitment (or often times bad idea) more  than tattooing your lover’s name upon your flesh and if you are going to mark your flesh with your lover’s name, why not take it up a notch and make a REAL statement?


I am sure most of you clever modbloggers can guess what comes after the break, but don’t fret! There’s more than just wang, there is more tattoo dedication as well!


This piece was done by Al Farber Acid Works Tattoos Mt Morris, MI.

63 thoughts on “Now THIS is commitment

  1. Wow. It’s probably a good thing the name is not a little further down. O.o

  2. I didn’t notice when I first found this but doesn’t the tribal under the wing on the right side look like it says “sex”?

  3. Shelly. For REAL?

    That’s a dogs name.

    Are you fucking your dog holmes?

  4. if this doesnt say, “im sorry for what i did”. well then the apology just died. good luck to you and shelly!

  5. There nothing a girl loves better then her name tattooed on a guy junk, especially since it’s a weird demon thing with an ugly-ass tongue.

  6. call me shelly i’d like to be on the end of that 😛
    beautiful beautiful tattoo
    love the colour work =]

  7. Who wants to bet the tribal was there before hand? And no that’s not a pun for him holding his dick.

  8. i suppose if they do break up, the pubes will kinda cover it. i think it’s pretty well done for what it is.

  9. To get a tattoo like that, would a fella have to maintain an erection during the process?

  10. … a few years down the road we might see this gentleman as a top contender for the pain olympics …

  11. No Jessica… I have a rose tattooed on mine. It’s amazingly comfortable in some places and amazingly painful in others, often changing drastically over a matter of millimeters. It would’ve been impossible for me to maintain an erection while the glans was being tattooed (I’m sure some individuals would find it impossible NOT to have an erection… considering personal preferences and all). That said, as with most body modifications the pain isn’t nearly as bad as i expected… Also: sweet tattoo, even if I’d never get a lover’s name on me in any form…

  12. From my experience, the only people who get names tattooed on them are the type that are insecure in their relationships. i hope things work out for the poor prick, becuz from a females point of view, i aint sucking no ones dick if its labelled with another bitchs name.

  13. In all seriousness, what if Shelly gets hit by a bus tomorrow? What then? Even if he does get some new lady to unzip his pants…
    “Who’s Shelly!?”
    “It’s ok, baby. She’s dead.”

  14. Psychologically speaking when someone gets their partner’s name tattooed on them there is generally something wrong with, or in the relationship. Thank god for blackwork.

  15. So, normally I really don’t like genital tattoos but I really like this one – the colors look great, and the tattoo itself is beautiful. Don’t care for the tribal, but the rest of the tattoo really overshadows it anyway. I REALLY hope things work out with Shelly…4 ever!

  16. I give you props for getting tattooed on your penis. I wish I was a man so i could find out what it feels like.

  17. I’m assuming Shelly had a hand in planning this.
    I’d be kinda freaked out if my SO was like “yeah i got your name tattooed on my cock. . . along with a evil monster heart thing. Hope you like it!!”
    I do like the blues and purple background, makes it pop nicely. 😀

  18. did he get all of his thing done? how much of the color stayed in. mine took black and red ink very well, but the blue faded a lot. nice work though. i guess shelly is quite the lucky one.

  19. My guess is that it’s a BDSM thing and that’s why it’s been done that way.

    Other than that, I like the colors 🙂

  20. Colors are beautiful but not really feelin’ the overall tattoo design. Dedication, hope they are atleast married and have been a while. still wouldn’t do it to my lady bits, or want my husband to do it.

  21. #38, I am pretty sure he is in the shower.

    looks like there was a tattoo he was trying to cover on the right hip.

  22. я бы даже сказал “нихуя себе!!!”
    оч круто)

  23. Is there a backstory to this, Sean, or did you just get the image via e-mail without explanation? Just thinkin’ that “Shelly” *could* be his name, or the name of something other than a person. The conclusion that Shelly is the name of an SO, but it’s hard to tell definitively from a single image.

    BTW, it would be hilarious if he got it just as a joke and chose the name randomly. 😉

  24. That could be like, a requirement for future girlfriends.
    ‘Hi, my names Shelly.’
    ‘Well, then have I got a a surprise for YOU’

  25. This is Shelly… Ya there is a reason 4 him doing it. No I did not tell him to do it, actually i told him he was crazy for doing it. It was his way to say he would never cheat again. Believe me girls could care less about the name there! Needless to say we r divorced now.

  26. I’d like to see more before I make any statements. haha. but the only thing I can say, is if I was fucking him [fucking, not in a relationship] I wouldn’t give a fuck whose name is on his cock[literally] because my pussy would be oooooonnnnn that. Nuff said =]

  27. Goddamn it I just need to nut up and tattoo my dick already, cause that shit is fucking cool!

  28. Why are people saying that’s a hot cock?
    You can only see like half of it, and he’s pulling on it.
    You can’t really tell.

  29. why do u not show the whole penis in the photo? it seems that the tattoo keeps on going.

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