96 thoughts on “She’s a squirter!

  1. Oh god this shit freaks me out so hard! haha something about needles in veins just fucking kills me, especially when it squirts like that.

    Heebie jeebies.

  2. Sean, I am all for everyone doing whatever they like and believe in freedom in expression, but I wish you had put a disclaimer on this, tapping into arteries (which I am assuming they have here), is actually extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, you can lose quite substantial amounts of blood very quickly. Its a very dangerous form of blood play. I usually love modblog, but I was a bit disappointed by this picture as it came with no disclaimer, and other people may try to emulate what they see without knowing what safety precautions they need to take…. and before anyone has a go at me, yes, I realise both the artist and lovely lady in the picture probably DO know what they are doing, not everyone does…. I would hate for someone to try this and end up in hospital from massive blood loss…

  3. I kiiiiiinda want to do this but at the same time I feel like I’d have a panic attack.

  4. I love this. I wish people would just be more open minded. I would rather walk in on my daughter doing blood play than see her doing drugs or having sex.

    …to each his own :-) Just wish the picture were clearer

    If they spray luminol at her house, she’ll have the perfect excuse for why the bathtub is lighting up like a Christmas tree (I know they don’t use luminol anymore, I forget the name of the new chemical)…

  6. Castor is right. When you EVER puncture an artery EVERONE has a 20% chance of throwing a clot. That can have many results including death. I cut my lover and whatever you want to do is okay with me. However, this is serious business! Me careful!

  7. I honestly had this, this morning. Not from cutting myself but from a birth defect I have. Blood spraying all over is not fun. I don’t see how’d you get pleasure out of that.

    But to each their own I guess

  8. Maybe next time have a click-through? This was way too shocking to just pop up on my homepage.

  9. Forgive me for asking as naively as I will, but… Is this blood-spatter a Mod? I mean, redecorating a bathtub with bodily tissues. I will concede that there appears to be maybe a piercing or microdermal, and maybe a tattoo… But the blood– Aside from a bitch and a half to clean, and perhaps for the shock value, what mod value is there?

    *Stands ready in my fireproof suit*

  10. bloodplay would fall under the ritual category like a lot of other things we see here every day. im also not quite sure why we’re all freaking out over this when much more gruesome things are commonplace in the community.

  11. If I’m seeing this picture right she is holding a needle (open ended of course) in the same vein you would tap for a blood sample. The amount she has sprayed so far isn’t much, I’ve had 6 vials pulled at one time for blood tests with no issue. If she pulls the needle out and applies pressure to it like you do at the end of a blood test then it should stop bleeding quite quickly.

    A click thru might have been nice, it doesn’t bother me but I kinda like guessing sometimes….

  12. @Patrick, what kind of medical condition results in you spurting blood everywhere?

    @HJP, almost all blood tests are done using venous blood, which is very low pressure, way too low to spurt onto a wall. The hole in your vein closes quickly because of the low pressure and prevents you bleeding to death. When you pierce an artery however, the pressure is much greater and you get the spurting effect. As Castor said, this can be very dangerous as the higher pressure blood continues to bleed out of the artery and is considerably harder to stop, and may give the appearance of having stopped bleeding when actually you’re just internally bleeding (this will also create an epic bruise). Once you lose about 1.5-2L of blood, you start going into shock, over 2L and you’re in serious trouble and will likely need medical attention.

    Blood fountains imo, are not a good idea, but for people wanting to do one, make sure you do your research first (duh), and avoid any blood thinning agents such as aspirin or alcohol like the plague.

  13. Not a fan…

    If you want to expel blood from your body the blood bank is crying out for donations. This is just a waste.

  14. @Castor : there’s no artery there, this is a vein, just like when you’re getting blood samples. And yes, it can be “”dangerous”", just like playpiercing, piercing, tattoo or anything else could be. And let’s be honest…. you’re not gonna bleed out to death just because of a blood fountain.

    And for the people who are complaining about the fact that this is not body modification : nope, it’s not, but it has to do with playing with your body in an uncommon way. Let’s take an exemple : is suspension body modification ? Not really…. not at all actually… but still, it has a great place in the body modification scene and culture. And I don’t think anyone here would ever question that.
    Therefore, body experimentation and body modification are tightly linked.

    In my opinion, it is as approriate on modblog as “BME girls/boys calendar” or posts like that, if not more.

  15. @Castor: The disclaimer is “Body Modification.” Don’t look if you have a problem. And if you’re not witted enough to read a title like “She’s a squirter” and automatically think, “Oh this is blood play!” Then there’s no saving grace that’ll help you in life.

  16. And even if she did went through an artery 1) she’s not dead 2) she possibly know what she’s doing 3) have you ever heard of some one bleeding to death because of a blood sample? Cause I haven’t. 4) should we ban everything like saline injections, heavy genital modification, etc, cause if done badly, that can be dangerous?

    I’ll just add that I already had this spurting effect with simple, casual and quite shallow playpiercing.

  17. Whats up with modblog-folks ? Everybodys crying for disclaimer…i want to have a disclaimer, that warns me for those disclaimer-people…loool

  18. I personally think the whole “bodymod-or-not”-discussion is silly, it has to be noted that this IS in fact more than a little risky.

    Now, I really don’t have any problems regarding blood play and other rituals; when it’s done in the privacy of your home or another non-public environment, the way you do preform them is completely up to you. BUT when in fact you decide to post pictures of play that can be thát dangerous – even with some knowledge and/or experience – the very least thing you should do is warn people about the dangers of tapping directly into arteries (venous blood doesn’t “squirt”, babes) ánd the risks of doing so in unhygienic situations like these.

    I’m in no way saying miss lucyneckface does not know what she’s doing here, but we can not be certain that everybody seeing the picture has the needed knowledge to realize the risk here. Better safe than sorry!

  19. well, you can obviously tell she’s a cutter. look at both of her arms. why is her left hand/arm not covered in blood? I dunno…I think it’s a shitty picture. but I’m a sucker for detail.

  20. This must be the stupidest thing I have ever seen on modblog.. promoting selfharm now? Not good.

  21. @Shaun: Haha, captain oblivious! All of body modification is a form of self harm. Hope you don’t have any piercings… or tattoos

  22. Most of the comments – lame.

    Picture – the girl and the blood are both very pretty…
    Thanks for posting it, Sean!!

  23. I find this photo not of bad taste I guess b/c I have seen so many crazy shit in life but yes I agree with you guys on some of your concerns of some copycats getting hurt by not knowing what to do and trying to do it. The Photo is not as clear as I wish it would be but hey maybe is my laptop. I for one would like to know if I can get the permission of the of artist and the lady in the photo so I can use it as a promotion for a business card. I do not want to offend anyone with this I by no mean am promoting anything about killing your self but is something like this ” Why not give blood to those who need it, every drop can safe a life even yours” of course I would block the lady’s face. And before I put it printing production I will let the artist and the female in the photo look at the work and sign a release form and compensate them for it. just think about it but pls limit your ignorant comments. I am just think that we can turn this thing that so many ppl see negative into something shocking and turning on the awareness buttom on. thanks

  24. If anything, a ‘disclaimer’ should just be there because I don’t think a lot of you, including the writers of the ModBlog posts, realize how many impressionable young people look to BME and ModBlog for outlets on how to express themselves.
    Some 12 year old kid may be looking at this and decide that it’s a good idea to shove a needle into their arm, because there is nothing saying not to if you don’t know what you’re doing, and no links to a ‘correct’ way of doing this if they do decide to practice blood play. Same with the gross blowouts and purple lobes that show up here from time to time.

  25. excuse my language
    but when did modblog become a bunch of pussies?
    this isnt half as dangerous as other stuff posted on here. get over it

    @hm if some 12 year old is dumb enough to die from this then thats just evolution at its best, and that person deserves a darwin award for sure.

    epic blood spray, kudos to sean for all the juicy shit he posts on here

  26. I think everyone wants a disclaimer because this sort of stuff isn’t featured very often at all, people are way less educated about it, hence the need for some sort of “don’t do it at home kids”. You say there is more dangerous stuff on the site, well of course there is but what is as dangerous and also as simple to do? Bleeding out isn’t that hard to do and can be pretty fatal..

    Bloodplay will always be a touchy subject, you can see this woman has previously cut herself but then we have no idea why or when. I don’t know much about the subject as it’s not something that has interested me greatly.

  27. Its not just the site though holly, modblog features stuff on amputees 1/2 point suspensions, (which i believe it was meg that did, but don’t hold me to it).
    I dont think people would go on bme or modblog in general without some prior knowledge that the site does host heavy stuff.
    the infamous pain Olympics video comes to mind, even though its fake most people dont know that.
    going to a site like BME is like going to rotten.com or ogrish.com, you ought to know what your getting into.

    but what does her having scars on her arms have to do with it holly? Are you linking body modification to self harm? because I think that one is kind of a given.

  28. @35

    bodmods should and i believe is different than self harm. The intentions are different, but sometimes it’s a gray area like this. I think that’s what upsets people more than the blood. Most body mods are done in a positive light, wheras this could be tied to some other psychological issue. (NOT saying the girl in the picture has such an issue, just explaining where the hostility is coming from. It’s a gray area)

  29. I was a little surprised that this wasn’t a click through, but it wasn’t that big of a deal to me…

    As for the “don’t do this at home” disclaimer so many people want, really, if someone is dumb enough to do something without researching it first, I agree with #33 (nick) – it’s evolution. It’s not modblog’s responsibility to provide appropriate links to every possible thing some idiot might do – that’s impossible. Part of society is having people who are stupid and do things without looking it up and without knowing the consequences. Lots of people give tattoos/get tattoos in people’s basements – does that mean modblog should have a disclaimer every time they post a picture of a tattoo? Or a disclaimer about not getting a tattoo done at a shitty shop or it won’t look as nice? If some 12 year old is dumb enough to try whatever they see on the internet, then they have no business being on a computer at all.

    As far as the “mod” part of it, well, she obviously has mods. I remember a post a while back where people were upset that the post wasn’t specifically about mods…and I believe modblog’s response was that this site is about mods, yes, but it’s also about the lives of people who have mods. I agree with the other posts that this is indeed similar to suspension – not a mod, but it’s “body play” ( for lack of a better term ) that’s uncommon, and often even shunned upon by others.

    This type of bloodplay isn’t my thing, but hey, it’s modblog. It’s JUST a blog online. When all of you complainers create your own blog, you can put whatever you want on it and don’t put stuff you don’t want. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing illegal going on here and this is somebody else’s site. Get over it, or make your own site.

  30. this whole comment thread just amazes me. how relatively minor is this? this is one small needle. we see huge dermal punches, DIY amputations and splits, huge scarification pieces, extensive play piercing sessions, suspensions, pulls… but what we really get riled up about is this. bravo, modblog readers. you’ve once again blown something wayyy out of proportion.

  31. I think the pic is gorgeous. She looks so delighted about it, I can’t help but smile too. :)

    Have fun, pretty lady with adorable mods.

  32. You can point out she’s a cutter, but what is scarification really?
    It’s cutting yourself, or having someone else do it.

    She has visible mods, so the picture is just as valid as anything else posted on BME.
    Obviously tapping into a vein or artery is a risk, but i don’t remember the last time i saw a disclaimer on a suspension photo.
    I am seriously shocked at how much controversy a little blood has stirred up in a community who claims to be so accepting.

  33. Finally, it’s about time some blood play was featured!

    Thats an awesome pic, and a ‘blood fountain’ seems like a cool idea, but I think I’ll stick to pokin veins.

    This is one of the best features on modblog in a LONG time, me thinks. Only other way this pic could get better, would be boobs. Just sayin.

  34. Pretty photo of a pretty girl having a good time.. Something about the pleased expression on her face just really makes me happy looking at this :)

  35. fuck you bmezine.
    you are an important medium for the body mod szene.
    you have a lot of readers.
    you have a mission.
    mission failed.

    sean, this is not cool.

  36. @ 8 “I love this. I wish people would just be more open minded. I would rather walk in on my daughter doing blood play than see her doing drugs or having sex.”

    So it’s good to be open minded about mods, but not open minded about recreational drug use or human sexuality? Just “more open minded” about the stuff you support? And considering that we have no idea how old this individual is (unless you have prior knowledge) I’m not understanding how your consent or her gender or any sort of authority figure has any bearing on the situation at all?? Maybe I’m missing something.

  37. Kira and Salinas are spot on. The expression on her face is priceless.

  38. @ The Princess Of Pain: I’m with you on the drugs thing but you’d rather see your (presumably teenaged) daughter do this than have safe sex with someone she was in a relationship with? Really? That blows my mind!

  39. I find this picture to be very beautiful. You can tell by the look on her face that she is having a great time! This picture is breathtaking and in a good way.

  40. you know everyone is complaining about copy cats…
    when I have done blood play I have tried this exact same thing, yet I can never manage a nice arc like hers.

    I say kudos too her and give me some pointers so I can improve my blood play sessions

  41. I think most of the people getting pissy about the other people wanting disclaimers of some sort practice bloodplay themselves.

    I mentioned ’12 year olds’ in my comment (#35) because I was once one, we all were, and most of us started out looking to BME for answers.

    It was a lot more INFORMATIVE back then, instead of just showing photos of some girl spurting out blood and no explanation of how this was preformed or the correct way of doing this.

    You may know how to do it, you may say ‘if they’re dumb enough to try, let them’ but when it’s on ModBlog’s head that some parent has to bury their kid because they bled out accidentally, it’s not fun nor body modification any longer. It’s SELF HARM.

  42. All of body modification is a form of self harm. Hope you don’t have any piercings… or tattoos

    Um, no, it’s not.

  43. Stupid stupid stupid. From extensive personal experience you certainly can’t get a blood spray like that from hitting a vein – this person has cut down to an artery (most likely the brachial artery, the pulse of which you can feel in the inside of your elbow if, for those who seem to doubt its existence) which, in a non medical setting is an extremely stupid thing to do. Uncontrolled arterial bleeding can lead to severe blood loss and rapid death, which if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and have experience and facilities to repair the damaged artery rapidly, is not an unlikely outcome.

    Either that or it’s faked.

    But then again, what’s the point in explaining the very real dangers of some of these practices on a site where detractors of one practice are, more often than not, automatically lauded as against all body modification, or at best simply willfully ignored by those not wishing to go against the apparent site mantra ‘the more extreme the better’.

  44. I fucking love this. I do blood play and if I could I’d tap into my veins but they are kinda ruined =/ love love love!!!!!!

  45. You know 56, I have both body modifications and I have self harmed in the past. They were two VERY different things for me. I harmed because I didn’t know what the hell was going on in my life, it was an impulse, I grabbed a razor or took a bottle of pills without really thinking. Any body mod I have taken part in has been well thought out, I’ve spent a good few weeks or months thinking about what I am doing, weighing up the risks. I can see where the link comes from, after all, you do hurt your body when you get a mod but it’s not the same for all people. If I wanted to harm myself, I’d turn to some pills, alcohol or a razor, not a piercing, suspension or a tattoo.

    For some they may be linked but not for all, so don’t get all high any mighty.

  46. I used to do a lot of this shit, and I loved every minute of it. To be honest I do have a background in self harm as well and weeing this picture did make me pause and think about the warm, wet, powerful feeling that comes with such bloodplay. But I look at modblog every day in full knowledge of what the site is all about and what pictures I may come into contact with. If I have potential triggers then it is my responsibility, not Modblog’s, to proceed with caution!

    And for those whining about a disclaimer, I think you’ll find that there is one on the main page under ‘Legal’ which you choose not to read every day in your rush to look at the Modblog update…

  47. Haha I put ‘Weeing’… Think I meant to say ‘Seeing’!!! Oopsies! :D

  48. why is everyone crying over this?…are you all a bunch of 12 year olds?

    great pic!

  49. I just threw up a little in my mouth… but to my defense I am fighting off the flu.
    A click through option would have definitely been a nice feature with this picture.
    Not my thing in the least, but whatever floats her soap I guess….

  50. The disclaimer on the front page of BME says it all: “…Many of these pages contain documentation of dangerous or life-threatening activities of questionable legality — BME accepts no responsibility or liability for the actions of others and urges anyone interested in this subjects to educate themselves completely and seek professional assistance. Please view with respect and intelligence, or don’t view at all. Experiences, articles, and pictures on BME are not an endorsement and not always representative of the opinions of BME…”

    …if a kid doesn’t think that there’s any risk associated with tapping into veins…gah, common sense really ain’t so common these days.

  51. This is a trigger. There should have been a click through with a warning. End of story.

  52. @62…..what about the people who do urethral rerouting…..or people who remove digits….man, you must have a problem with a lot of stuff on this site. Why do you even come on? Quit being such a douche

  53. Honestly this photo bothers me only for the reason that when I tried to donate blood, I almost passed out… and I’m talking a tablespoonful of blood in…not like half a pint. I just can’t handle the thought of a needle going into any part of my forearm. I’m a sissy about it and that’s something I have to live with. The only reason I’d like a clickthrough is for people that have had a bad experience in the past with a vein or artery thing. Some of us can handle a piercing, but not free-flowing blood. There IS a difference, and those trying to deny this fact are honestly not looking at it in the right light. I love piercings, I have 11 and I want more. A piercing, whether for suspension or just a simple earlobe is just that. A simple hole, not a tapping into a large vein that carries a significant amount of blood at a high pressure. The tissue that makes up arteries is strong for a reason. It helps push the blood. This seems to appear as though she’s in it for the shock value… where could you possibly find enjoyment in seeing something that keeps you alive flowing out of your veins at such an alarming rate? People that suspend have found ways to make it almost appear as an art…but spraying blood on the walls… not so sure.

  54. So this is real?? I thought it looked fake! How is she doing that? I want to try it.

  55. @19
    I have to agree with you.
    Seems like such a shame to see blood just go down the drain when it could be helping someone that is in need of it.

  56. I think its an amazing picture! Looks like fun!
    I have seen blood squirt from veins before, on IAM. She still has the tourniquet on, so that’s probably why its squirting. It’s not terribly dangerous, and she did have somebody with her.
    I do blood play sometimes, for fun. If I could donate it, I would, but I’m on medication that means I can’t. (I tried, trust me, because a blood transfusion saved my life.)

  57. #64 , I’m not being a douche, just trying to actually care about how ModBlog impacts other people’s lives without myself or anyone else noticing. Just trying to keep people SAFE, or if I can’t, convince the writers of this shit to think ahead on how people are going to view the posts they make.

  58. I draw blood for my living. The tourniquet is why the blood is squirting. That why when you get your blood drawn they always take the tourniquet off before removing the needle. If you don’t which I know blood will just squirt out . And I can tell you it is the ac vein that she is using the most common place to get blood. The arteries is on the side of the arm and you will feel a pulse and would not even needs a tourniquet as the blood will pulse out of there. As far as blood loss your body can make a pint a day.

  59. “Just trying to keep people SAFE”

    Thats it. You try to keep THEM safe. “Them” had to learn about their safety themselfs. But today people are held stupid and with putting a safetywarning on everything nobody needs to think for theirself.

    You said “I think most of the people getting pissy about the other people wanting disclaimers of some sort practice bloodplay themselves.”

    Damn NO. I`no´t into it, but i am adult enough to decide, if i want to wear a helmet while surfing.

    I am father of two children (15 and 17years old) and i know, that an normal adolescent knows what is harmfull an what is not. If an non adult visits the internet, parents had to teach them wich sites the are allowed to visit an wich not. Or the habe to control them. Thats the way it should be.

    My kids would never try something like that, becaus they´re not dumb enough not to know thats its risky.

    And if someone is so stupid to try something only because someone else did it on internet : Darwin will help…not them…us…lol

    But hey…the trend is like “We must put an warning on everthing” (cause we like the way stupidy makes them controllable…)

    People are so bad in thinking, that they need a warning on a coffee-cup, a warning that they cant leave the stearingwheel even if the tempomat is “on” and a warning, that microwave dries the cat more that they want….

    But…you only want to “keep them safe”

    Thank you for the generous adoption…..

  60. I realize everyone is an idiot and everyone needs warnings. I’m not saying put a warning on every single post, either. If a simple sentence ‘Don’t try this at home unless you fucking know what you’re doing’ is all that is needed, I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to take 5 seconds out of someone’s precious time to include it in a post like this, that doesn’t explain anything about the picture AT ALL. other than ‘she’s a squirter’.

  61. And yes I notice the tag, but my point is: not everyone does. It’s those that don’t know better that I’m worried about. Fuck me for caring.

  62. Maybe its my fault when i think that “‘Don’t try this at home unless you fucking know what you’re doing’” is something you learn in general ;-)

  63. Last I checked, BME wasn’t about being as shocking as possible. What about those that actually have an interest in blood play? Obviously they aren’t going to just blindly shove objects in their veins, but aren’t they entitled to comprehensive information about the ritual? This is where they’re supposed to get it, after all…

  64. Yo V (#57) i could not agree with you more! You said what my brain said when i saw the pic.

    The only way i could put my mind at ease and actually embrace the enjoyment that may be in this picture, would be if someone who specilises in human behaviour acknowledged that this act is in no way linked to the depression/emotions that causes her to self harm.

    But then you would have to analyse every modification done. Not everyone shows their sadness on their arms and lots of people getted modded to “feel better”.

    Also if self harm gave her the expierience to find happiness with blood play (elliminating the fear of blood loss or pain) therefor helping in create this amazing crimson arch and she no longer harms, isnt that positive, strong and beautiful?

    But then if she does still self harm to find furfillment of a different nature BUT related, then is it no longer beutiful but an exploitation of sadness? An encouragement of self destructive behaviour? Or why should people who do keep their scars hidden not be subjected to such analysis of acceptable expression? If i saw a modified girl with no self harm scars im sure i would be less subjective. = shallow mind, easier to embrace?

    This picture definently has impact, i feel like atrayu from the never ending story looking in the mirror at my true self, do i appreciate the beauty without a second thought or do i empathize with possible trauma that has lead to this expression…

  65. @76, i draw blood every day at work also, and I’ve never seen blood spurt like that, even when leaving the tourniquet on. Sure, you’ll bleed pretty quickly if you leave it on, but not like that. If you look at the blood pattern on the wall you can see that there were at least 2 pulses of blood before the spray captured in the photo, which is typical for arterial bleeding.

  66. Wow! I cant believe how many misinformed people have gone out of their way to comment on this. Anatomy 101 guys: YES, you absolutely can get spray like that from a vein. Anyone who thinks you can’t is wrong! I have done this many, many times from veins and got the lovely fountain effect. Sometimes it can just dribble out and sometimes it shoots out with quite a bit of force. depends on the vein and how well you hit it. If you’ve tried this once or twice and didnt get the fountain just keep trying. Also arteries are located under a lot of soft tissue just above the bone, what you see through your skin are veins, not arteries. You seriously probably couldn’t hit an artery with a needle without medical training. Unless you have a blood disorder you couldn’t die from this even if you were trying. Even if you leave the tourniquet on and the needle in your body will stop the bleeding. Everything I just said comes from personal experience, leave ur guesses at home guys!

    Also you can see the blood coming out in what appears to be a steady stream which would indicate a vein, not an artery. Arterial spray comes in burst. So, so many commentator fails on this post. FAILZORZ, guys, FAILZORZ

  67. biohazard….i couldn’t have said it better…..even some people who work in the medical field and take blood samples for a living think they know everything about bloodplay lol
    educate yourself, then post a comment

  68. I find this beautiful.
    Anyone crying for a disclaimer – NONE of the things on this website should be attempted without proper research and training. Someone could easily come on here and look at a scarification or suspension and think ‘golly gee I should go stab myself’.

  69. Not my thing… to each his own, I guess… but still, I wish I could un-see it :)

  70. This is awesome.
    As for the self-harm thing, er, this site is kind of all about mutilation as art., get over yourselves. Blood’s something a lot of people with body mods encounter – why are so many people freaking out?

    I’d love to try this while aiming at a canvas.

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