And the winner of the trivia is….

Jamie Mayhem!!!!!! Her answers were flawless and best of all she wrote out the answers so well, I can cut and paste most of hers when I post the answers later!

When I went to Jamie’s page to tell her she won, I saw this picture of some cops watching a pulling “just to check it out”. Back in the day at a BME Social I threw at my old place in Maryland, we had some cops come out because they heard we were “hanging people”. They came out and were a bit weirded out by it, but all in all they were respectful and just reminded us to be done by 11pm when the noise ordinance kicked in. Luckily for all involved they came when they did and not during the group genital pull that also took place at the same event!


Answers to the Trivia questions coming in a few hours and a feature on our winner, Jamie, should show up in the next week or so.

6 thoughts on “And the winner of the trivia is….

  1. haha just wanted to add that the cops were very nice :) they stayed a few minutes, chatted with us while they watched the pull, and took a few photos on their phones.. we joked that it was one of the girl’s orgasmic gruntings while she was pulling that made them come check it out in the first place. lol

  2. It’s nice to be reminded now an then that not ALL cops are pricks. I’ve had previous run-ins with them at my suspension bbq’s. 3 times they came in 1 day to hangout. Shannon posted pics Modblog but one of the officers freaked when he saw his face wasn’t blocked out and panicked he’s lose his job or something…. oddly enough it was the same one that told us he pierced his own nipple a few weeks before an then undid his shirt to break out his nip an show us to prove it… strange moment that was…

  3. YES JEN! I totaaaally agree. That really was what caught my attention first!
    Need more info of the cutie in the back!

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