Inverted Forehead Pull

I’ve posted some beautiful tripod beach suspensions from the 8th Italian Suscon, but it was such an incredible gathering of talented and inspired individuals that I’m sure you know, even if you haven’t done much gallery browsing, that there were many amazing suspensions that happened.

One that really stood out to me was Alice Tancredi and a recent but dear friend, Martini Col Bivio, did together. There are two main ways to do a multi-person suspension (not including lifts) — tandem suspension, where one person hangs from another, or a suspended pulling, where people suspend separately, and are then connected by separate flesh hooks and ropes. This is what Alice and her friend did. They both did an inverted seated suspension, already an unusual setup, and then connected to each other with a forehead pull. I’ve done forehead pulls, so I was able to relate to the unique experience they offer — you can really get pulled into the other person’s psyche and even though you’re in public, it can become a very private event.



Flesh pulls with little girls

Ah, the fun the little girl is having, sitting on her little platform floating in the air held up by ropes attached to flesh hooks. What a world she’s growing up in. And the amazing thing is, with this being the 12th annual South California BBQ (which just took place on August 4th), these BBQs have being held significantly longer than she has existed!!! Whenever you’re feeling down about not being accepted or feeling like an outsider, remember this little girl and all those growing up in her generation. All we have to do is wait long enough, and the majority of the population won’t be able to imagine a world where body rituals and body modification aren’t the norm.

But seriously, my hat’s off with congratulations to the BME family down in So Cal that’s pulled together for a dozen years to make these little family reunions, sometimes with new relatives, sometimes old, some coming every year, some coming only one… but all family. It makes me very happy that this sort of grass roots enthusiasm is still adding their blood to parks around the world.



Pulling Free

Everything about this photo brings a smile to my face.  Especially knowing that this was IAM: Zmashd‘s first pull ever (she’s on the right), makes it that much better.  On top of that, the pull, which was facilitated by IAM: Vegenero, lasted about 2 1/2 hours, and only stopped because Zmashd’s friend got tired.

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Hitting the gym

Fad workouts come and go, but if you want a real workout, strap some weights to a rope and pull them up using your flesh.  Take that p90x!

The handsome devil showing off his workout routine is none other than Trav_Vegas.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to be at the gym in 26 minutes.

Also, it’s election day in Canada.  So if you’re a Canuck and you haven’t voted yet, get out there and vote!

Pulling through the pain

“Death is a stopping of impressions through the senses, and of the pulling of the cords of motion, and of the ways of thought, and of service to the flesh.”

– Marcus Aurelius

The following image is one of a series of photos sent in by IAM: Bruisepresser


As near as I can tell, this pull, and the rest of the images come from some performance or photoshoot that was done.

What strikes me most about this image is the raw emotions that were captured.  You have this moment where the pressure of the pull is being felt, and the hands are back holding on for support, either physical or emotional.  The moment where all the sensations are becoming overwhelming and her face is showing the emotional, physical, and spiritual feelings that are passing through her body.  While she is in costume, and has a mask of paint on, you can see beyond all that.  Beyond the physical action of the pulling.  Beyond the costuming and makeup.  You are able to see right into her being.

This is why we do the things we do.  To reach a point in ourselves when we can truly see and feel what it is to be our ideal.  Whatever mods you have, or activities you participate in, they’re all building to moments such as this one.  When we can strip away all the trappings of the outside world, and bare our souls to ourselves.  See what we really are, and what we want to become.

So thank you Bruisepresser, for sharing this moment with us.