Phone home…

I don’t know about you but I still remember how much ET made me cry when I watched it oh so many years ago. This was inked (and submitted) by Ego out of Under the Needle in Seattle. Is it just me or does ET look like he’s about to hop off that Big Wheel and cut someone up? Like maybe he’s saying, “You talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me?” That could be the sequel. ET II – The Revenge!

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18 thoughts on “Phone home…

  1. This tattoo makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Well done. And yes. Its kinda like its ET’s badd ass brother

  2. I’m not one for modblog hate normally, but here goes.

    Do we really need a life story from the submitter every time someone posts a tattoo? I’d be more interested in hearing about the person who got it, honestly.

    I feel like I could write a book on the lives of Jen and Sean.

  3. Yeah, I guess they could just post nothing but raw information, and this blog would be just about as exciting as every other fucking blog out there. Awesome input, Tobias! I like your ideas!

  4. Oh, and relevant to the post… I’m actually going to be getting a sleeve by Rain Partlow of Under the Needle! Pretty excited about it – he’s an amazing artist. I’ll be sure to post some high-res pictures on BME :)

  5. Tobias – I’m looking forward to reading the novel of my life story when you write it especially since I’ve barely revealed anything about myself on here. This kind of personal commentary has been a part of ModBlog since its inception. But hey, there’s always going to be some who don’t like my posts and that’s ok!

    Also the person who submitted this photo, as I mentioned, is the tattoo artist so I know even less of the person who got the tattoo. I can imagine they probably like ET a lot though. I bet they also have a good sense of humour.

    dillon – I’ve seen his work on BME. Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

    Honestly, I’d like to post more. I’ve had an idea for an article for a long time now but I don’t have time right now to interview people and write an article. BME keeps me pretty busy these days and I like to make some time for myself so I can watch ET and eat guacamole. ;)

  6. Great tattoo…only one thing…

    Am I the only one that is seriously creeped out by ET? Maybe. Ever since I was a kid I’ve thought he was really freaky…nightmarish even!

  7. laurel you are not Im with you on that. I refuse to watch the film to this day it is the only film that scared me as a kid.

  8. I miss the days when ModBlog posted good work, rather than cute work. Ok, so it’s ET- but what’s so spectacular about that? It belongs in the Science Fiction Tattoos, or maybe the Nature Tattoos archive, but ModBlog? This used to be a place for outstanding work, breaking news, stuff like that.

    The scarification post a few back really reminded me of how it used to be. I’ll be over on, thanks.

  9. I cannot even express how much the idea of this tattoo creeps me out. I cannot watch ET even now, it still scares me…

    Great work on the actual tattoo, but I just can’t imagine having to see it every day. *shiver*

  10. I keep skipping looking at the photo. I haven’t even really seen it. I just needed to know that I’m not the only one afraid of him except I’m sure I’m the only one who cries when I see him D:

  11. If I’m not mistaken, Ego is actually out of Emerald City Tattoo in Seattle. Not Under the Needle.

  12. Jess – It was uploaded to BME on June 3 by “undertheneedletattoo” who credited the artist as Ego from Under the Needle in Seattle, WA. I just print the information the submitter includes with the photo.

  13. Ego recently started working at Under the Needle and has left Emerald City.

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