Where is the fish?

This amazingly colourful piece was submitted by Fabrizio Divari.  You can find Fabrizio at his studio, Fabrizio Divari Art in Toronto which also contains contact information if you’re looking to get some work done by him.  While this is a work in progress and I don’t know what’s planned for it, I think it would be really cool if the fish remained the only parts of the tattoo with colour.  I also really like how the blues and greens are pulled through into each of the fish.

Of course, Fabrizio isn’t new to the ModBlog world.  You can read his BME interview from 2008 here.

You can see more of Fabrizio’s work in his mini portfolio on BME. Have a fun and safe weekend folks!

10 thoughts on “Where is the fish?

  1. meh – care to elaborate? personally love the unique colors on this. not ordinary.

  2. @ cavexin: meh is actually right … note it is nicely done there are much artists who can’t do this but this is a typical japanese style tattoo an there are very much good artists out there who can do this one 100 times better then Mr.fabrizio over here … his own artistic/abstract work is 10 times more interesting and better than this piece sorry …

  3. anyone else remember the kid’s book ‘where is the fish?’ or ‘where’s the fish?’ summat like that.

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