Love can be very subtle

Jess sent me this picture of her extremely subtle tattoo. This placement seems to be getting more and more common, even though it has an extremely low success rate. That being said, sometimes it does work and when it does, it can be quite awesome!


I got these beauties done on the 11th of may, it would appear that they have worked! i’m not letting myself get excited just yet, I think once I’ve past the 5 week mark i’ll start to relax about the ink falling out, and get to enjoy them!
For a totally different type of tattoo about love inside the hand, check back later this week!

22 thoughts on “Love can be very subtle

  1. Cute. I thought at first it was a scarification. Don’t know how doable that would be. Anyways i think getting something really simple is fairly reasonable, if it doesn’t last, there hasn’t been that much time and effort put into it.

  2. Excuse my ignorance but what method is it and why is the success rate low etc?


  3. i have writing on same place and few letters have completly disapired, but some are half faded for couple years and doesn’t fade any more…
    anyway – these looks good

  4. Morning Fox;
    It’s a tattoo, looks to be white ink(?). The reason that tattoos on the inside of the fingers/palm of the hand have a low success rate is due to the rate of skin-cell renewal in the area. As the hands recieve a lot of wear and tear, the skin needs to replenish itself more often, thus the tattoo often will not have time to heal properly.
    That’s my understanding anyway, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. @5 – That’s what I was wondering too, but I suspect it’s because we do lots of things with our hands, so the ink doesn’t have as good a chance to heal & stay there.

  6. what color of ink did they use? it looks like it could be a light pink or even a white… i almost betting white and the pinkness is the blood surfacing… can anyone answer this with facts?

  7. ex nay on the blood… just read the post… dumb me… always looking and not reading… so light pink it is…

  8. it is indeed pink ink… i wanted a more subtle effect, but also knowing that ink doesn’t much like living on that side of the hand i wanted something not so obvious in case it fell out and looked like some strange shitty warty hand situation!

    thanks for the nice comments!

  9. well jess…. it looks very nice… good thinking ahead about if it fell out… do you think it may be too painful to practice on myself?

  10. I got tattoos on the same location, and now that they’re 2 weeks old, they’ve held up pretty well. They’ve stayed in much more than the others I’ve seen in this location. Mine were stippled in using a tattoo machine, so basically poked in, and it seems to have worked much better than doing normal tattoos there. I plan on hand poking my palms when I finally get around to them.

  11. wes… everyone’s pain tolerance is different eh! i must say this did hurt a fair bit but it was over in 10 minutes or something, so quite bearable. i guess the only way to know if it’s going to be too painful on yourself is to stick needles into your fingers and see how it feels! 🙂

    eric – the ‘sewing maching’ technique does seem to be the best way forward apparently… mine were first sorta split open and then he went over them again with ye olde stabby technique to really get it in there. they looked really shit for more than two weeks, i couldn’t really tell what was going to happen. best o’ luck with em!

  12. i agree with the stippling technique… i can get most tattoos to stick on the palm if i stipple the outline after i line the tattoo first…

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