Jamie’s 15 minutes

Most of you modblog regulars remember Jamie from the recent post showing the gaping wound in her arm being fingered. Well, aside from her interest in creating new orifices to fondle, she’s also fond of body modification history, as she made evident with her quick and flawless answers to my trivia questions.

As the winner of the trivia, she get’s another 15 minutes of modblog fame. So without any further ado, here’s Jamie!


For several more pictures and some words from jamie, Keep on keeping on.

I’m Jamie Mayhem. I’m part of the suspension team called Ritual Arisings, we’re based out of the Detroit, MI area. I’m also into performance art and modeling. Turn-ons include- boys and girls with lots of mods, latex clothing, medical devices, zombies, riot grrrls, and people that look good covered in blood.

Most of my tattoos were done by Chris McNeill, who now owns Rebel City Tattoo in Cleveland, OH.

Some of the photos here are suspension pics, some are modeling pics that showed some of my ink. The forearm suspension is from Dallas SusCon, it’s what led to the pic of the hole in my arm that was recently Modblogged. The tandem suspension is with BIOHAZARD.






18 thoughts on “Jamie’s 15 minutes

  1. Is that an Anti-Flag logo tattoo is see on her arm in the last picture? Sweeeet. All these pictures are just amazing. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous girl with the mix of scarring, tattoos and piercings. I love the bio hazard tattoo on her back, very nice placement.

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