Not ON the Adam’s Apple!

I tell you what I was never a big fan of blackwork tattooing until I started seeing some of the amazing stuff posted here. This piece by  Rain Partlow (Under the Needle in Seattle, WA) is a prime example of excellent black work (with a touch of color). It flows well with the clients body  and it perfectly avoids the Adam’s Apple, a spot that I though hurt like hell!


22 thoughts on “Not ON the Adam’s Apple!

  1. This tattoo is so much more than just that; its an amazing art piece. Just seeing it makes me want to to touch it(My girlfriend), and makes me want to get this tattooed on myself it stealing people’s tattoos wasn’t so……….dumb.

  2. i really like how both sides are difference patterns of swirls and it looks far more symmetrical than if they had actually tried to have the same pattern on both sides!

  3. Excellent blackwork. Wouldn’t mind seeing another couple of shots at ‘normal’ head position and around the neck. I’m intrigued by the flow of the design. Nice.

  4. Yes, that’s Brett. The tattoo suits him perfectly (and was done around the same time I got my own throat “sleeve” by Rain.) Rain just does amazing work in general.

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