The best thing on British TV since Mr. Bean?

My favorite crazy Brits, the Psycho Cyborgs, are up to something.  Recently they took over Camden High Street in London for ten minutes. They are working on a new project and this was one of many upcoming promotions for that project. They can’t tell us too much about it, because the whole point of this is that they are building up interest for when it’s “released” in September – It should  be incredible though!


Reality shows – Tried, tested and tired of seeing them all? Think again!!

Horror movies? Well, we have all seen at least a few that have made us cringe, jump, and sometimes be shocked at by all the blood, guts, gore and a few weapons of choice. After it’s finished off you go to bed feeling entertained but knowing it wasn’t real.

But what if it were? And what if you, the viewer, were in complete control?

Well now you are…

This is gonna be utterly insane. Pure sickness!

It’s entertainment. It’s gore. It’s blood. It’s fun. It’s pain.

And it’s REAL.

16 thoughts on “The best thing on British TV since Mr. Bean?

  1. They definitely should have utilized some music with intermittent plugs stating the website.
    would have made a little less awkward silence 😉

  2. That was an amazing day, and Bing did himself and London proud!

    Be patient folks – It’s going to be worth the wait, oh yeah, and there will be blood!!

  3. Theres something thats always bothered me about Psycho Cyborgs….

    Almost every time I see them, he’s got something over his eye, a patch or something hung by piercings. Is it fashion, or is he really blind in that eye? I think it resonates with me beyond the rest of it because eyes creep me out on some other level.

    Anyone know

  4. awesome! I liked the smile of the policemen after he said he pulled the car with his back!

  5. Ooooooooooooooo YEAH, that was a good day, still buzz when I think about it!
    If any one of the thousands of people that pointed cameras at me, please post on our FB page and or youtube, and tell us if you do.
    Stay tuned for more gore
    P.S we had a soundtrack of sirens playing, was pretty loud so suprised you didn’t hear it,

  6. What a nice street performance!) I like the reaction of cops) In Russia everything might be really different. London seems to be a cool city)))

  7. OHMAGAWSH! I so hope the “release” of said “project” will be happening when I’m in London for a week in September O.O

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