More bad ideas

In keeping with the “bad ideas” theme, it amazes me the crap people put into their bodies in the name of body art.

The old school implants that were made to resemble body jewelry started their life’s as regular titanium body jewelry, but then several steps went into making them suitable for long term implantation. First off the seam from where the ball threads in was plasma welded shut. Then the bottom side was made into a smooth, but flat surface so it wouldn’t create as much downwards pressure. I have a circular barbell implant of this style in my right hand, and nearly ten years later it is still happy and has caused me no (known) issues.

Nowadays, those type of implants have been made obsolete by the molded or carved silicone implants. Yet for some reason, people still think it’s ok to put standard body jewelry (with no attempts at making it suitable from implantation) under the skin and call it an implant?

This submission to BME came with no story, only artist credits. I am intentionally leaving off the artist credit, because I don’t know if the artist was the photographer, the implanter, the implant remover or what and I don’t want anyone jumping to conclusions without more information.

Without any explanation, I do think the pictures here do a fine job of telling the horror story of poorly planned implants.


34 thoughts on “More bad ideas

  1. yea, but what about the one you had in your other hand? this pic is pretty scary lol. not so much because they put that in there but because of the way it looks like they took them out.

  2. The image of the arm with the implants still in it looks familiar. Like it was posted on modblog already (before the disaster removal of course)

  3. These implants are selfdone by Arseniy Andersson, he just decided to remove them, so there’s no shame or stuff like this (except stupid idea to put industrial barbells to the arm, of course).

  4. My jaw is agape and I hope they learnt a hard, yet crucial lesson: Research thoroughly before you do anything.

  5. @zombie i dont think its the same person, it looks like its the other arm, and it looks like the previous modblog has only two barbells.
    better pictures?

  6. I hate to be a pedant, but… Modblog really needs to learn how to differentiate between possessives and plurals. Does no one edit these entries? They’re always riddled with super simple-to-correct grammar/spelling errors which detract from what might otherwise be great content.

    Plural forms of nouns NEVER have apostrophes (see, that’s “apostrophes” not “apostrophe’s”). So the plural of
    “life” is “lives,” not “life’s”. Also, I cannot stress enough that “who’s” = “who is”. The possessive form is “whose”. Oh, and “they’re” = “they are”; “their” = “belonging to them.”

    I’m sure I’m not the only one sent into a nerd rage by Modblog’s lack of proofreading.

  7. Yep zombie has the right guy. Shame he had to cut up his arm so much to get them out.

  8. nikk:
    it`s the same arm! look at the old scars!!!

    btw on both pictures 3 barbells ;)

  9. Yikes.. thats looked painful.. Tho. I have heard people placing coral under there flesh.. hmmmm
    Bad ideas everywhere in my mind

  10. so… its perfectly fine for all the other fucked up shit people do to themselves… like inserting a huge steel bar under your abdominal skin 100s of times.. for no other reason than because you like doing it…. and they get praised for it here on modblog… but this sad example of implants is going to be blasted?

    over 80% of the implants i see done here are boring and stupid to me… i just find it amusing how the crowd at modblog can praise one thing and then condemn another

    if this guy was the first to stick shit under his skin he’d be praised as a great innovator, poorly done or not… now that the practice has come a little way, what he’s done is now stupid? what if he was going for a more vintage implant look?

  11. The photos look wicked, and now he’ll have some bitchin scars. experimentation on one’s own body is fun and a great way to learn, perhaps a bit dangerous too, adding to the fun. perhaps he could’ve paid the high prices for something more permanent to be put in by a complete stranger, but that would make it a different kind of experience. rock on Anderrson.

  12. hello all.
    it is strange coz i thought that i’ve attached the story ab out these implants and their removal.

    this submission actually was done to show everybody one more time that it is a bad idea to set improper jewelry as longterm implants and even if it heals well what consequences could it bring to the implant owner.

    as Sergey Tyler already said, i’ve removed them just to look what’s going on inside.
    What to say.. it is russian evil bodmod miscuilture where ppl dont want to pay money for good proper bodmod and do cheap shit.
    even me LOL
    i was always an experimenter and i often hold on different experiments on myself.
    doing these implants and removing them gave me a very good experience.
    and i hope after seeing thius pic ppl will think one more time about not to put casual jewelry under their skin.

    thanx for payin attention.

  13. PS
    agree with Rust Creep
    over 80% of the implants i see done here are boring and stupid to me

    but nevertheless it is not a reason why we should set improper implants.

    btw, one more experience i’v got from this is that because of this implant was not solid and had empty voulme inside the surgical pocket, the connecting tissue had grown through holes in implant during 1.5years of wearing; and it have created inside skin relief under outer skin.
    i hadn’t cut it out completely and guess, when the post operational swelling will disappear (approx. 1 months more expected) we wilbe able to see this relief.

  14. wheh, one day i’ll get em))
    of course im planning.
    just 4 getin experience as minimum :)

    ok, i’ll try to keep everybody updated about farther healing.
    im arseniy_andersson on, i’ll upload new photos after some time there.
    so everybody who is interested in this experience, is availible to follow it.

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