She’s coming for you next…

…at least that’s what that fierce stare she’s making says to me.


This picture was submitted without much info. All I know if the artist was credited as Artist: Jurec from Latvia, Daugavpils. Whether the artist was the person who threw the hooks or took the pictures I don’t know. So please, if you submit pics to BME make sure you give as many details as possible and/or contact info so if we pick your photo for modblog, we have the story to go along with it.

9 thoughts on “She’s coming for you next…

  1. In the left is me, i dont know why without face =) i add full photo to my album. In the left is my Girlfriend. I write to you Sean Philips with my story about this photos.

  2. yeeeeeaaaa
    fellow Latvians finally are doing something – i am happy for them
    now there is more than one suspension group in country, i hope i will have chance to HANG out with some of them
    aaaaand nice picture as well 🙂

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