Shelly’s 4-ever? It’s Angel’s now!

Digging through the images I have found for this week, I seem to be coming across a general theme……bad ideas. So I think I might be making this bad idea week on modblog and try and post at least one bad idea a week. Some are blatantly bad ideas and others, like the one in this post are more open to interpretation.

Most people agree that getting your significant other’s name on you is generally considered a bad idea. In fact, I am sure lot’s of people thought that the gentleman getting Shelly’s 4-Ever tattooed on his penis was a bad idea. Hell, his now ex-wife Shelly even chimed in on this in the comments thread for that post.

This is Shelly… Ya there is a reason 4 him doing it. No I did not tell him to do it, actually i told him he was crazy for doing it. It was his way to say he would never cheat again. Believe me girls could care less about the name there! Needless to say we r divorced now.

Well Al Farber, the artist and wearer of that now infamous piece emailed me an update to the saga.

Well I covered up my ex wife’s name with my new girl’s name, lol. I’ve been tattooing for 18 years and seen many names on people and I just thought it would look pretty cool there, lol . So I sat down one day and started tattooing my dick it took 13 hours and I broke it up into 3 parts 5 hours then 4 each time after that and I did it back in 2003 it’s never been recolored or touched up, so it stayed pretty good for all the wear and tear I’ve put it through all these years lol…. Well I gave  you two new picks of mine and one of my girls with my name on her, lol .
For a picture of the new improved “Angel’s 4-ever” tattoo on Al and “Al’s kitty” on Angel, keep on keeping on.

48 thoughts on “Shelly’s 4-ever? It’s Angel’s now!

  1. That’s a really good idea for this week’s theme.
    And these are epitome examples. :)
    however, I think The last one would be a cute little tattoo, if not spoiled by “Al’s Kitty.”
    I like the paw prints down the labia as well. ^^

    (I wonder how many girl’s names he’ll tatttoo there before it’s just an indistinguishable blur. haha.)

  2. it’s sooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) fenomenalno je!

  3. it’s sooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fenomenalno je!

  4. it’s sooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fenomenalno je!

  5. At least now he can say it’s a religious thing, instead of a name, right? Just remove the apostrophe.

  6. While I respect everyone’s right to tattoo whatever they want on their bodies I still think it’s stupid to get your significant other’s name tattooed on you no matter how long you’ve been together. When people come into the tattoo shop I work in and want names tattooed on them we always ask who’s name it is and try to talk them out of the significant other’s name in favor of perhaps a symbol of love or something.
    I have a theory that the only names that are safe to get tattooed on you are the following:
    Your blood relative’s name, because no matter how much they piss you off they are still your family.
    Someone who is already dead’s name, because they are already dead and can’t piss you off anymore.
    And last but not least your own name, for obvious reasons.

  7. good idea lynx, i’m going to get a similar dick tattoo with my own name on it. i’m done waiting for some lady to come and make my day.

  8. Beyond hilarious! The fact that both parties come across as illiterate adds to the humour. Please continue with bad idea posts.

  9. oppositronic,
    I was not suggesting that he get his own name tattooed on, or right above, his dick. Merely that it would be better, in my mind, to get your own name tattooed on you then a man or woman’s name that is not a relative, already dead, or yourself in general having NOTHING to do with placement.
    I also said perhaps a symbol of love rather then the beloveds name, which for this placement would have been better to my way of thinking anyway.

  10. I’m not normally a cynic but I can’t help but think that someday those tattoos are going to be very very awkward.

  11. Not speaking about this tattoo, but more responding to a few comments: I don’t quite understand the reason for looking down on name tattoos so much. Sure, just as with anything else there is a blurry line between well executed and tasteless, but that aside – simply that a relationship may not last one’s whole life shouldn’t be a reason to classify a tattoo as shitty. Just so long as you are totally cool with having that name there forever, whoever may come along after. And yeah, 9 times out of 10 there are going to be ‘better’ ways, visually, of signifying whatever event, feeling or relationship, but to say out and out that it is stupid to get a name tattoo is an oversimplification.

  12. i agree with jesa. personally i am not much for getting my dick tattooed, but i do think a tattoo that becomes a token of an old, lost love is pretty damn classy. also women like it as it shows that you can commit and are willing to love. no matter what you get, your life isn’t going to stay the same years and years down the road.

  13. can i just say…that is one gorgeous pussy, regardless of the tat above it (no opinion on that one, although i do think the paws are cute).

  14. This is *almost* a great story of why NOT to get name tattoos.

    Sure, he covered it up – but I can’t help but feel like he’s not being sincere as he put another woman’s name over what was supposed to be Shelly’s 4-ever. If, as Shelly claims, he was cheating and continued to do so after the tattoo, then the tattoo itself becomes a shallow and meaningless message. I know that if I was Angel, I wouldn’t feel like I won anything by having my name obviously covered up over Shelly…after all, he could just cover it up again. This just seems like an insincere symbol of “devotion”.

  15. @Jesa

    The comments “looking down” on this name tatto ARE because it was well executed, but completely meaningless to the guy if he was just going to cheat again.

  16. the paw prints are fucking ridiculous. almost as ridiculous as the Hello Kitty and the lettering. lame. and now that he has that fresh black, it makes the rest of the piece look like shit. so yeah maybe the “wear and tear” in the area didn’t make it fade, but the new black makes it horrible. touch up the rest, seriously. oh, also, he said he sent in two pictures. why is it not posted?

  17. @24, he sent in 2 very similar picture, one slightly more close up than the one I posted. It wasn’t necessary to post both pictures to properly tell the tale.

  18. Don’t have anything positive to say about the tattoo or the story behind it but, that seems to be one gorgeous dick :)

  19. @Lesha – you read my mind. I kind of felt guilty commenting on the Al’s Kitty tattoo because it was so bad (not in execution, but in taste).

    I keep staring at the cover-up part of his tattoo (get your minds out of the gutter), and it bothers me that I can still clearly see that there was a name there before, and I can recognize the “Y” perfectly from Shelly. Seems like a smack in the face every time (get your minds out of the gutter), “hey, somebody else had this “4-ever” before you did”

  20. @ Jesa

    Name tattoos are really sweet if done properly and for the right reasons. Doing it to yourself to prove you won’t cheat /again/ is for sure not a good reason, nor a good idea. And then joking about the ‘wear and tear’ is just tasteless and disrespectful. I hope he and ‘Angel’ have a fabulous infidelitous life together.

  21. @Tobias (25) I totally get downing this tattoo, technically well done that is about it. Both intention and style (in my opinion) are laughably awful and tasteless. Its the very popular generalized ‘name tattoo’ hate I was addressing.

    @Lisa (32) I couldn’t agree more

  22. @SS, I agree with you completely.

    I don’t necessarily go by the school of thought along the lines of “once a cheater, always a cheater, but… yeah, this is just completely tasteless.

    If you’re going to get a tattoo for a s/o, well… #1, don’t do it. #2, if you insist on doing it, for goddess’ sakes… don’t put their actual NAME in it. -_-”

    I feel sorry for “Angel”, whoever she is.

  23. I know a guy who inked the name of eleven ex-girlfriends. Yeah, a lot of cover-ups. He got girlfriend and obviously a new name tattooed on his chest. Another cover-up is coming

  24. Really? Honestly? I agree as most would that for the greater public these might not be the best ideas for tattoos but is BME really that comfortable with it’s number of subscribers and image submissions that it’s ready to start mocking them, and better yet… post specific submissions so people on the net can also mock them? Wow, awesome!

    We probably all have a tattoo or two or three or five that could be deemed a “bad idea” by someone else. What good is there in being judgemental? A few people on the Internet got some giggles and feel superior but you alienate tuns people willing to submit pictures in the process and whats more its not much of a thanks for the people who contribute photos to help out the website… just sayyyyyin.

  25. i don’t like my name or my girlfriend’s tattoo on my body..anyway..the only thing that i ilke on this 2 tattoo is that cunt.. ;)

  26. I was expecting some sloppy, half-assed tattoo on the man’s cock. But Woah! That’s a serious piece of art there. It flows really nicely with his anatomy, that’s for sure :) And his… *cough* endowment is fairly substantial.

    Also, I’m LOVING his (new) girl’s tattoo! It’s both cute and sexy, to me :)

  27. bahahahahahaha………AND, this is his WIFE. Proof that Angel, in fact is not the winner. This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

  28. I have always said I would never tattoo anything but “Mom” and the name of my children on myself. I have no children yet so that hasn’t come up. But I have been married and am now divorced and my husband at the time wanted to get each others names tattooed and I said “no”. I had a red star on my right hand for a few years and we decided he would get a matching blue star on his right hand. But no names. So when we put our hands together it was kinda cute. But, now that we are separated it’s just a star. And I don’t have to go thru any cover ups or painful laser removals…Thank god I said “no”. Too bad I didn’t say “no” when he asked me to marry him…lol… :)

  29. Hah….. Annnd now we ( all girls ) know to stay away from Al. I am now his ex wife also. Bahahahaa

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