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Recently a South African doctor invented an anti-rape condom, which seems like an interesting enough concept. I can only assume that doctor might have perused some of the BME CBT for inspiration, or perhaps he saw this man’s piercing, which could prove to be quite the rapist repellant.


30 thoughts on “Protect yourself!

  1. That penis just needs some armor and it would ready to fight in battle dome.

  2. That anti-rape condom is fucking stupid.

    1) The chances of the rape victim getting physically killed or hurt are going to be far higher if the rapist gets injured with one of these things.

    2) All the rapist has to do is check for this thing beforehand, and pull it out if it’s there.


    That piercing on the other hand looks deadly.

  3. Wow it looks like the jewlery might be a little short would that be uncomfortable? And I hope he doesn’t leave that in and take home a girl from the bar and forget it’s in. She probably wouldn’t call him back

  4. Tobias
    currently many of the women who are being raped in Africa don’t have a chance. they are being raped and killed already (just read some news on the current situation in the Congo). The anti-rape condom is to give them at least a small chance to get away and survive. there are over 1000 rapes a month are reported in the DRC alone, something needs to be provided to these women to protect themselves. so please don’t call something stupid unless you have a better idea.

  5. @8

    let me get this right… the “anti-rape condom” is inserted by the woman into her vagina, the apparatus has to be worn all day, every day to provide any measure of security…
    for the “anti-rape condom” to work as designed, the penis of the offender must be inserted into the vagina, where it will be caught in the “anti-rape condom”

    if the offender inserts his penis in the vagina of the victim, then that is an unwanted and forced sexual action… meaning, rape….

    it should be named the “stop a rape in progress condom that will cause a lot of pain and enrage the offender who will probably just straight out kill his victim”

    now, if there was a “stop a rape in progress condom that does so by injecting the offender with highly poisonous compounds”… that would be a far more effective apparatus…

  6. Face it, this anti rape condom is merely to make a ‘normal’ condom look like a minimum choice now…

    An anti rape condom is like inventing an anti theft handbag.. When will people understand there’s some things we cant stop or change, nor limitate any damage..

    Unless you feed these women with bullshark steroids that is..

  7. I don’t understand the anti rape condom hate. Yes, the woman is still going to be raped, but the man is going to be quickly preoccupied when there’s spikes cutting into his member, giving the woman a chance to escape. Yes, it may enrage the man but the woman will know this before she decides to use the condom won’t she? Also, I was under the impression it can only be removed with medical help, meaning the man will be caught?

  8. If I were a South African resident, I’d rather have at least a sliver of hope of stopping a rapist than none.

  9. That wasn’t meant to be a conditional statement, I’d like to be able to stop a rapist whenever/wherever. Anyway, nice penis.

  10. @hannah
    hurray for the way conversational language makes things sound wrong sometimes. ^_^ its more fun that way. screw grammar nazi’s

    @penis picture.
    Ow. That seems like it would hurt a lot. For the owner and anyone else involved. Is this possibly the mans answer to the rape condom? Not that alot of grown men are getting their penis raped. O_O Maybe this is for the rapist. Everyone protect your orafices!

  11. perhaps someday they will invent a condom with teeth sharp enough to rend the evil from man’s heart.

  12. The anti-rape condom is also designed to almost immediately cripple the man. Yes, penetration still occurs but stops right away, he can’t continue, he can’t transfer fluids, he can’t ejaculate. The only way to get the condom off is to have a DOCTOR remove it. Now granted I’m sure at some point a “doctor” will figure a way to remove the condom but at the moment the rapist will have to seek medical attention which will pretty much get him busted by the law.
    Is it a perfect solution…hell no, but its a start. Of course this doesn’t help if there is more than one attacker or if they insert fingers or a foreign object in first but its something. But the chance of the man being able to physically attack the woman after the condom is attached isn’t likely because he isn’t apparently able to move because of the pain.

  13. How is this an anti-rape piercing? It’s more like a “seriously fuck someone up while having sex with them” piercing. Well, with that jewelry anyways.

  14. Sharp objects made the point I was about to bring up about the man having to get it removed by a doctor which is also a great deterrent to harming the women further because you will be caught, They would have to make a choice wither to get caught for rape or get caught for rape and murder and they have to make that choice with sharp barbs sticking into there dick. I think it’s a wonderful invention.

  15. What about misusing that condom ? It will happen…maybe way before it saves a woman…

  16. Well, look at it this way, even if a rapist killed a woman after getting his member caught in her dick trap, itll still be obvious hes a rapist and would most likely get caught. Its much better than him raping and killing then getting away with it. They should also make ones for their buttholios. Or give these women spikey strap ons to ‘pay back’ their wouldbe rapists lol.

  17. is that jewelry hes wearing for chastity? or is he just into painful sex?

  18. The sad truth about the situation in the DRC is that even if a man shows up in extreme pain at a doctor to have this thing removed from his penis, he’s not going to be “caught” in any punitive sense. The people doing the rape are usually armed groups occupying the area, and not just Joe Bad Guy Rapist. Rape is used as a means of control and terrorism, and most people just look the other way.

  19. the anti-rape condom will also reduce the risk of rape-related pregnancies and give these women a chance at healing emotionally without having to deal with the social ramifications of being a mother to a child from rape, in most countries, including the U.S, women are blamed for the rape, and often if they admit to being raped are ostricized and pushed out of their communities. Anything that helps women is a blessing, we cannot eradicate rape until we change the way we socialize our boys and girls.

  20. Heh their is a simple deal with these “condoms”

    You sell them to scare dumb, uneducated rapists.

    You do not use them.

    By this logic maybe 1-5% of rapes may be avoided on fear that women are wearing these.

    Even if it just saves one girl, its fucking worth having it on the shelves to scare the rapists out there.

  21. The doctor that invented the anti-rape condom did so after talking to a victim of rape who stated that she wished her vagina had had teeth.

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