MMM Bop? Really?

In the 559 pages of Music Tattoos, I bet you would have almost zero chance of finding another Hanson inspired tattoo (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Yet, there is one IAM user, who’s username says it all ilovehanson. While in Kansas City, she got this ultimate tribute to the young boys with instruments done by  Andrew Milko at Mercy Seat Tattoo.


PS: some of you may remember her from this post back in ’09.

30 thoughts on “MMM Bop? Really?

  1. As a huge Hanson fan… all I can say is I love it! I know a lot of people have talked about doing this, but this is the first Ive actually seen of it being done!

  2. As a huge Hanson fan… all I can say is I love it! I know a lot of people have talked about doing this, but this is the first Ive actually seen of it being done! And I know there are more Hanson tattoos in there… I have one, and I know of a few others with them…

  3. I know two people with Hanson tattoos. Apparently their fans are very devoted…

  4. I think it’s pretty sweet. All of her tattoos are unique. Everyone loves something. She just happens to love Hanson which isn’t a bad thing. :)

  5. psychodork: as a Hanson fan for going on 13 years, I can assure you that Hanson fans are close to being the most devoted fans on the face of this earth.

  6. I just died a little inside. But that’s okay, because I’m sure the tattoo makes her happy :-)

  7. Huh, there are Hanson fans? I thought they were such a short phase, the craze when they were making it in the music. Maybe i’ve missed out on something.. The tattoo, a fan is a fan, and it’s done ok, and i think it makes a fun piece actually.

  8. Got to Hanson . net and see their new stuff. Their music has really developed since 1997. I have a Hanson tat on my ankle, and it was the best decision I ever made.

  9. i know someone who has a hanson tattoo, and she’s probably the worst person ever. tho its not because of the tattoo, so i’m sure this girl is much nicer

  10. Linda: Hanson is still very much around and their fans are too!

    I love it. More power to her!

  11. I agree, huge Hanson fan for many years, and they are still very much alive. I saw a Hanson skin removal on here a couple of years back, but that’s all I’ve seen personally until now, badass!

  12. I think its a good tattoo if you ignore that it has anything to do with Hanson.

  13. I like very much :D
    except for the fact that i now have three long haired guys running round my head …’mmmbop’… -.-’
    they will be there for a while now…

  14. ii LOVE hanson! Always have. and guys, seriously think about this. In a time surrounded by spice girls, Nsync, and Backstreet boys, who wrote their own music? HANSON. Who played INSTRUMENTS? HANSON. they may have been young, but that only makes them MORE talented. I bet you and I couldn’t say the same about ourselves. At least appreciate them for having musical abilities, we all wish we did. I <3 HANSON!

  15. I currently have 4 Hanson tattoos and actually have the appointment booked for my 5th one. Hanson tattoos are VERY common within this fan base.

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