Brian stops the Unstoppable!

Pauly is no stranger to modblog, In fact he has reached damn near celebrity status for his mods and particularly for his stretching. That is why so many people were shocked when he had Brian reconstruct his lobes from 3 3/8″ to nothing!  Before you ask why, take a minute to read Pauly’s blog where he explains his motives.


I don’t know many practitioner’s, bod mod or medical, who have done more ear lobe reconstructions that Brian, and it is evident in the quality of this reconstruction. That’s a genuine compliment, I am not just being nice because it is that delightful sunuvabitch’s  35th birthday today either!

39 thoughts on “Brian stops the Unstoppable!

  1. I read his blog, I think he has fair enough reasons but it’s a shame to see them gone.

  2. My jaw literary dropped.
    Holy shit!

    I wish him the best of luck with restretching though. His lobes were glorious.

  3. damn didnt realise i hadnt changed my info in reply fields!! *shakes fist at firefox*

    i <3 pauly, he’s awesome. i dont think he really needs to explain his reasons for having his lobes reconstructed. agree’d he looks very strange without them haha.

    i also don’t think he could do any wrong as far as body mods are concerned =)

  4. Wow he did a really great job! I’m definitely seeing Brian for my reconstruction. I hate it when people in the mod community jump down others throats for closing up their ears. No one should have to explain themselves for their actions and do what ultimately makes them happy, which is why many stretch their ears to begin with.

  5. That is one hell of a reconstruction. Good luck to Pauly and what ever he does next.

  6. I’ve personally always wondered more about his nostrils…I think it looks cool and all but how does having them open not create some kind of sinus issue, I always wonder how terrible it must be when he has a cold

  7. Brian did a nice job. Pauly’s mods are neither here nor there to me, but after reading that blog entry, as a person he seems downright insufferable…

  8. Im am yet to read his blog for his motives but it seems irrelivent anyhow. He decided to modify his body in a certain way and he has done it. Whether he is stretching, down sizing or reconstructing its all modification. I am often as blown away by reconstruction as I am stretching in the first place as I imagine its not easy to get them looking this perfect. awesome work Bryan and best of luck pauly:)

  9. I think that’s an amazing idea Pauly and I can’t wait to see the progress of your new lobes :)

  10. Do you guys think this would work to repair a blow out? I have pretty shitty blowouts in both of my ears and would LOVE to start over, but I don’t know if cutting off the blowout will leave me with healthy enough lobes to stretch again later…

    And what about scar tissue? Won’t that make it harder to stretch?

    Otherwise, good luck on the restreching man!

  11. WOW. My ears aren’t as large as Pauly’s where, but visually they look similar to my ears where the anti-tragus was. I always thought it wouldnt be possible to repair ears that look like Paulys or mine.

    Brian did a AMAZING job, as always. I definitely know who i’d go to if, i ever decide to get em sewn up.

  12. My jaw literally dropped too! Wowzers. His reasoning seems a bit confused,… I understand downsizing cus he doesn’t like them interfering with day to day life, smashing into his shoulders while checking blind spots in the car etc, but then he says he wants to do it again? Ehh, why not just downsize to a comfortable size then?

    eh. It’s pauly, like he said, he’ll do what he wants and it’s no one else choice which I’m all for, but it seems like he doesn’t even have his reasoning settled himself on this one.

  13. Snoogans, they started getting in his way when he tried to go up to 4″ so went to back a bit. But from what i can gather wants the joy of the stretch which you don’t really get from downsizing and going back up.

    My ear has reached a maximum of 1″. i regularly gradually downsize to under 1/2″ then take it back up, but once an ears been to the size, stretching back up to it is infinitly easier that the first time you did it. I guess he wants that first time experience?

  14. @sik.spud

    Repairing a blow-out is a similar but different procedure – though, what’s to say you’ll stretch correctly the next time if you didn’t heed precautions before?

  15. @24. What’s with the high and mighty stance dude? The guy just made a mistake, back off.

  16. i really needed this today! i start a new job today and have to take ALL of my piercings out. there are all going to stay open but im afraid for my half inch lobes, but maybe now i wont mind them shrinking a tad.

  17. Not “better”, just different.

    And yeah…Brian is so good at ear mods of all kinds. :) I don’t really trust anyone else to do anything remotely heavy to my ears.

  18. I have the same question as sik.spud in comment # 19.
    My ears were fine, and then got blown out when I got them cut. I would love to start over, but would my ears be healthy enough if I had them reconstructed?

  19. They look amazing. Brian really does incredible work. Happy birthday, Brian, I hope to get some work done from you soon. :)

    As for Pauly, I think he made a good decision and I hope he really does have a great time stretching now that he’s so experienced. Good for him. :)

  20. У-ла-ла! Одним кошмаром на нём меньше. Аллилуйя)

  21. i thought you couldn’t stretch reconstructed earlobes….but thats what he says he wants to do in his blog. I guess if you waited long enough?

  22. It’s funny- I can sympathise entirely with his motives- I absolutely love the process of stretching my ears, and often wondered what is going to happen when I have reached my ‘limit’ with my lobes. I have often thought of doing the same thing- seems Pauly beat me to the punch ;D

    That is a FANTASTIC earlobe reconstruction, however, I am entirely impressed! A few of my friends have had their ears sewn up by ‘reputable’ plastic surgeons here in Adelaide and Melbourne, but they have just turned out atrocious :( This is going to be something I forward onto friends telling me there’s no such thing as a good reconstruction >;D

  23. I’m on the “are you able to stretch reconstructed ears” boat with some of the others. I know they can be stretched again, but will they have the same affinity for stretching as before the procedure? I realize there would be a range of contributing factors, but even with 100% success in reconstruction are sizes of 2″+ possible? I would love to hear more info on this.

  24. That stitch looks absolutely gorgeous! I know what he is talking about in his blog about having an active lifestyle. I’ve been training in martial arts for 3 years now and last Friday had my steel plugs (which have screw-on ends that are MUCH larger then my 00 holes) torn out of my right ear.

    It didn’t hurt at all but did tear my ear a bit. It’s just annoying to have to deal with especially being active. Which is why I now prefer tattoos.

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