Giving in, in the great outdoors.

Summer is here, and you know what that means……beautiful tranquil outdoor suspensions!

Like, for example, this resurrection suspension set up by my friends in ihung.  Check out that rigging plate, besides being a good way to plug the group name, it is also providing a nice support for this young lady to hold onto after coming down from her suspension.


To see her suspending, and to fully see the tranquil setting, keep on keeping on.


That handsome bearded man is Jason, a man who deserves a lot of credit for his contributions to the suspension community over the last several years.

PS: If you would like to partake in a beautiful outdoor piercings yourself, the upcoming ROP Campout in Pittsfield, Mass. would be a good time to do so.

35 thoughts on “Giving in, in the great outdoors.

  1. Absolutely lovely. I want to do suspension SO BADLY, but I want it in this kind of setting, and I don’t know of anyway to get it. Any advice anyone? I’m from Seattle, if that helps.

  2. If I ever did suspension, this is the type of setting I think I’d want. (At least for the first time…)

  3. I’m glad you posted this Sean, I put it up last night and thought “I should do a ModBlog post with that”. Then I thought, I bet Sean will and I was right! :)

  4. I love this post. I got to see Jason work with a few other artists at a show in Columbus. His knowledge of suspension amazed me. Paying attention to every single detail. Ok, yeah I have a bit of a man crush. .

  5. That is a gorgeous photo. Jason is wonderful and helped with my first suspension in Cincinnati and then Jason and Adrian threw my hooks in Columbus at my second suspension. He really is great and I can not recommend Jason or IHUNG enough. :) ROP is great as well.

  6. I couldn’t be more happy for Kelsie (the girl suspending), She embodies so much of the good stuff that’s often missing in the suspension community nowadays.
    And much thanks to Jason and all that helped for doing such an awesome job…I’m only sorry I couldn’t be there for this one!

  7. Thank you from the bottom of my burning stomach to everyone who was involved in this suspension. I know in the first picture posted I look really disappointed, and to be honest at the time I was. The decision to leave the ground wasn’t as hard as deciding to come back down. I needed to find peace and clarity through this suspension and until I saw the photographs, I hadn’t achieved that. So thank you to Drew and Jordan for allowing me to see a different perspective of my suspensions. And Jason, it was amazing. (Ihung) with the best of them :)

  8. bastian: thank you for posting the link to the hangman event! Now that i don’t have a myspace i forget to check their page and miss out on events that are so close to me! I’s gonna try to make that one if possible

    Everything about these photos is beautiful!

  9. Somehow suspension with the hooks placed in the soft belly of a woman is too much for me… nonononono

  10. Matthew, no it’s in Columbus, not in the Glen, although I’ve often wanted to hang someone there as well.

    Micah, thanks for sending Kelsie our way, and thanks to Kelsie and Jesse for great fun to suspend!

  11. Beautiful! I wish the photos were a little bigger, though. This makes me glad to live in Ohio. If I ever finally getting around to being suspended, I know where I’m going.

  12. You can see the photos in larger sizes in the gallery. I have to do a screen capture to get the pics myself, so sometimes I am limited to the smaller pictures.

  13. Beautiful girl, beautiful suspension, beautiful setting.
    Jason is awesome. I remember him helping with the Music is Art festival in Buffalo many years ago, and throwing some of my hooks and his awesome rigging skills. Jason’s awesome.

  14. beautiful.

    that bottom shot would have been gorgeous if jason wasn’t tucked in the corner. not down-playing the importance of his work or support, it just slightly takes away from the photo and scenery.

  15. Jason. How dare you. What on earth were you thinking in that last shot!?!!?

    “Oh, i better check to see how shes doing, because i dont care about pictures, i only care about her safety, blah, blah, blah”

    Seriously, we all know that cool pictures trump safety anyday of the week.

  16. This is in Ohio?.. where at? This is absolutely beautiful. I want an experience like this.

  17. How do I become a part of this wonder? Columbus huh.. that’s not too far away. How much would something like this cost? I’m an interested first timer.

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