29 thoughts on “Facial Evolution

  1. Agree with those who say the bridge is interesting. I’ve never seen a bridge worn like that, personally. Looks great with the matching septum and quirky flesh removal. Thumbs up to this guy!

  2. kudos to this guy for pulling off what has the potential to be a godawful collection of jewelry, I like the spirals in his septum and bridge

  3. god I love the scar work, absolutely beautiful…I agree the choice of spiral for the bridge is very unique…although in the more recent pics it does look like it too has had some problems as there seems to be more scar tissue there, so maybe it grew out…such a shame if it did..

    I do think his choice for facial ink is nice as well…and from someone who has quite heavy facial ink..my god I sympathise if he felt weird pain/sensations having his nose done..I mean my nose work was little compared to his work, but damn is it weird/painful feeling a machine buzzing your damn nostrils haha

  4. I’d love to see how it heals! I dig his look, with the exception of the semi shaved and dyed eyebrows haha.

  5. What a great looking guy and some really nice work…..isn’t it time to do some work on other parts. That great looking face needs a break.

  6. That bridge spiral was pretty sweet before it was ripped out or rejected. Correct me if I’m wrong. But it looked awesome!!

  7. Keo – I don’t think it has been ripped out/rejected. As I said a few posts ago I am positive I saw him out clubbing last weekend and I remember thinking “Oooo a spirally bridge!” (I was quite drunk). If you look at the photos you can see the fistula, and although it does look angry I think it’s still intact.

  8. Well, on the first pictures there’s no bridge anymore, and the place looks kinda weird, I wonder if something happened or he just took it off and that’s the way after stretching bridge looks.
    And the scars? I love the line, I love the design:)

  9. He has absolutely gorgeous eyes!

    I have seen some stretched bridges before- but I really like his take on the jewellery :3

    How pretty ^_^

  10. Uncommon collection of jewelry, but he makes it work really well. Awesome.

  11. the bridge does look pretty interesting with that choice of jewelry, but also in the most fresh cutting pictures you can see how mangled his bridge is.

    love the cuttings though, great placement and healed just looks so pretty and delicate.

  12. Think the earl ismore disturbing than the scarifications. (Dont get me wrong, love the work)

  13. Now THAT is a sexy male. His bridge and septum are so unique looking! And I adore the tattoos on his nose. Great post!!!

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