Cheating At Solitaire

While perusing the tattoo portrait  galleries looking for potential modblog features I saw a TON of amazing portraits done by Javier (Jade) Campos at Arte Sagrado Tattoo in Lima, Peru. Seriously check out the gallery, then check out the shops web site. In the gallery there were portraits of Jim Morrison, Scott Weiland and about a dozen others. I of course, picked my personal favorite artist of the bunch, Mike Ness to feature here.


7 thoughts on “Cheating At Solitaire

  1. screw mike ness for getting a long haired kid assaulted by his fans, instead of fighting him himself.
    he called him a “long-haired faggot” and told the crowd to kill him.
    ness is a piece of shit rockstar

    NICE tattoo tho!

  2. where on the body is this? my first thought was thigh, but that doesnt seem to make sense. then i thought side, but then it leaves into question that random patch of hair top left of mike ness’ head… im just gonna say in my head that its side thigh, that looks like a knee at the bottom… either way, really well done, even though it isnt really a face shot, i could tell right away it was mike ness…

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