There is not much in this world as orgasmic as a nice long skewer.

It’s hard to go to a US Tattoo Convention without seeing a performance by the lovely CRASH and for good reason, she has managed to flawlessly combine the sexy and the shocking in a way that appeals to a very large audience.


This picture is a perfect example of that. The look on her face as Jawn skillfully manipulates a long skewer through her neck makes the audience wonder if she is in excruciating pain or on the verge of an orgasm. Check out the picture after the break and you can decide for yourself, whether it was a face of pain or pleasure.


Both pictures courtesy of Jared.

20 thoughts on “There is not much in this world as orgasmic as a nice long skewer.

  1. I took a deep breath when a saw this.
    Followed by a coy smile.
    Great photos.

  2. that would make me terribly nervous… i hate taking my razor over my adam’s apple.

  3. These are some old pics from Nu Ethix in Baltimore of 2009 that I had found sitting in files. The photo credit goes to LukeNJ of Metal-Disco Photography. This was found the other day as well.

  4. I cringed looking at these photos, but her expression looks delicious. Love it.

  5. Chris – There are posts nearly every day of the week. For my part, I had my hard drive die and I’m trying to get caught up on my job here at BME now that I have a new hard drive. I’m just glad Sean has time to make his posts.

    I’ve developed some sort of bizarre response to things like needles and blood where I get faint. I haven’t actually passed out yet but I’ve come close a few times. Funny thing to have happen when you work for BME. 🙂

  6. I’m with Chris.

    Yeah, definitely not enough posts to label yourself a blog. Sorry, 4 days apart is a long time for a blog, especially during a holiday!

    I’m free if you need help! 😀

  7. “especially during a holiday” – That would seem to me to be a time when we’re more likely to NOT be posting. Not too many professional blogs (as in ones that aren’t one person’s personal blog) run posts 7 days a week. At least the blogs I read don’t.

  8. Hey it is free and when you the post for the most part it is worth the wait! Keep up the good work. And the others quit bitchen or help them out. Imho

  9. I don’t personally mind a bit of a wait between posts, it means its a real treat when pictures /do/ get posted. And I agree with Darah, those viens… O_O

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