Time to get those bodies in shape

Summer is upon us! Time to get those winter bodies in shape and ready for the beach. There are few ways to get the body that you want that are more effective than some good old fashioned training with free weights.


No, this isn’t a “Guess What” post, ANY modblog regular should know damn well what that weight is attached to. However, to keep this on the work safe side of things we will put the obvious behind a click through.


This picture and many more of it’s type can be found in the Kokomi Gallery.

13 thoughts on “Time to get those bodies in shape

  1. made me straight up lol. clearly testicles were involved. the rest was a great surprise. Well Done ( by the captioner and wearer).

  2. wow.

    aside from doing it purely because “you can”, is there any rush in doing this, sexual or otherwise?

  3. Does this eliminate the possibility of him ever breeding? Ever? I mean….Like ever, because if “yes” then this is the best picture I have seen EVER.

  4. @7, sexual has so much to do with body mod. Especially, when it comes to body play like this. Also, if this sort of exercise is done over a long time, it can have permanent stretching results of the genital tissue which……..wait, are you ready? Modifies the body, hence body modification. However, even if done only once and only for sexual reasons, this type of body play is a HUGE part of BME and what keeps BME alive, just look through the Hard galleries if you have any doubts.

    @11, no this does not eliminate the possibility of him breeding. Yes, it would be possible to severe the vas deferens, but the genitals can take a LOT of abuse without suffering permanent damage. Once again I refer you to the Hard galleries.

    Don’t like these sort of post? Don’t read them, or spend your time perusing one of the many tamer body mod sites that focus only on the more acceptable types of modifications and neglect to include the more underground segments of the mod community.

  5. Anya, a head split and/or a subinscision will be no henderance to penetration if he can obtain a full erection. However, a full bisection can make insertion difficult at least to the point of depositing the sperm high enough to insure fertilization. Also , if the testicles are damaged or removed, then of course ‘no cigar’! A man with intact testicles but with a full bisection or penectomy is pretty safe when it comes to making babies, but can still be one hot woman pleaser since he still has the big drive just lacks the tool to impregnate!

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