The all seeing hand

When I was a kid, someone told me “God is watching you…..even when you masturbate.” Obviously, that was not enough to stop me from handling my own business, but I have to admit that phrase haunted me a bit when I saw this tattoo.


As far as palm tattoos go, this piece by Sean “Dirty” Sanchez at Planet Ink (Ottawa, Ontario) looks to have as good a chance as possible of healing up ok. His use of a bold design and simple shading (that looks solidly packed in there) is the proper recipe for a well healed palm tattoo, but only time will tell if it holds up.

18 thoughts on “The all seeing hand

  1. I love the idea of eyes for palm tattoos. I hope to get something similar one day.

    Props to this dude, my boyfriend had his palms done and seeing the pain they caused him gives me a whole new appreciation for them.

  2. how old is this? doesn’t look swollen or red, maybe its healed already!

    props, its lovely!

  3. That’s fresh, and it’s going to drop out, no question.
    Palms have to be done a certain way, and this one isn’t.

  4. I did tthis tattoo knowing how palms heal. I tattooed it thinking that it was better to tattoo it 10 times before it all stayed, than to have a single blow-out. Blow-outs are permanent, but I can always make a second pass over it. That having been said, this tattoo healed 90%!!! It looks amazing, and there’s not a single blow-out on it. This tattoo has been healed for a couple months and stayed so well that it might as well have been tattooed on an arm. I heard so many haters tell me that it wouldn’t stay when I first did it, but now they all have nothing to say when they see it…..

  5. This piece is gonna fall out substantially, there really is a certain way to do it and this isn’t it…

    My palms are both done in colour, along with the fact that I’ve done a ton of them tattoo wise and can tell right away

  6. I have seen palm tattoos done in this style heal beautifully. I don’t know anything about the artist that did it, but if Mr. Dirty Sanchez wants to email me a healed pic I will gladly update the post with it.

  7. So apparently it healed, but I’m still curious.
    Is there still a shading gradient or is it just block color now?

  8. There is still a shading gradient. It is almost 3 months healed. When I say that I mean that it has been FULLY HEALED for almost 3 months. It was actually tattooed about 4 months ago. As soon as it is 3 months healed I promise that I will take a new picture of it so everyone that “knows” will stop talking about how it’s going to fall out…..

  9. Im sorry I have to laugh when I see people say a tattoo will ‘drop out’ lol…im always expecting it to actually do JUST that, like the old bubble gum stick on ones years ago lol…anyways..

    regardless of whether it does or doesnt fade patchy or whatnot (im not getting caught in this) I think it looks lovely…and besides alot of people get ink where they know it will never hold or be very tough to heal it perfect…I myself have facial work that needs more going over because I heal badly in alot of places…it’ll never ever stop me getting it, just means I have to work harder at it thats all, I love it, and so does the wearer of this eye and others who get palm/fingers/face/soles etc…

    kudos sanchez man!…

    oh and yea…I so totally see a blue circle in the hairy vagina :P haha sorry man lol

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