Jane says…I know that chic!

Who’s that chic hanging behind Perry Farrell as he performs with Janes Addiction? It’s no other than Miss Crash! You probably remember her as the girl I featured just a few days ago who I said uses a combination of shock and sexiness to captivate audiences? Well apparently, Jane’s Addiction found her captivating enough to want to include her in a recent performance. Suspension artist performing with nationally touring bands is nothing new, hell even I have done it a few times. However, this is the first time I have seen it done with such a hugely popular band, not to mention a band with a fairly mainstream audience.  If anyone else has any celebrity suspension or body mod performance tales to tell, feel free to do so in the comments.


I apologize for the double feature on Crash, I normally try to not include too much of one person or group in a short period of time. This was just too cool not to post though! For more pictures of this and to check out the man behind the hooks, go to her  boyfriend’s IAM page.

7 thoughts on “Jane says…I know that chic!

  1. I agree, that is quite awesome.
    However, is it just me or do the girls look kind of silly just swinging around in that video link posted above? I dunno maybe if they tried to make it look ‘flowy’ or ‘dance-ish’ or do some sort of body movements?
    Either way, looks fun!

  2. dont know if you’ve been to the roxy …..UnconventionalLove ….but its a VERY small venue…..only holds about 300 people…..they didnt really have room on the stage for the band and the girls….back and forth is all they could do without hitting the bandmembers in the head…….they almost kicked duff and perry a few times! LMFAO…….still VERY cool to see a mainstream band…….doin a show of this caliber………LONG LIVE JANE’S ADDICTION AND FLESH HOOK SUSPENSION GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yea it looks like a tiny stage. I wasn’t talking about swinging in circles or anything, just striking some poses or something. I dunno. Not a big deal, overall it’s badass.

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