Public Service Announcement

Attention; LOGMAN94

The inside of your philtrum, should NOT look like this.

Thanks, your friends at


In all honesty, I imagine that LOGMAN94, was submitting this picture to show how bad it looked. However, since it didn’t mention anything about the piercing being problematic in the description and I couldn’t find him on IAM, I figure I best put this warning up………just in case.

29 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. not knowing how old the piercing is in this pic, it looks like they nicked a vein. Same thing happened to me, i didn’t die, the piercing didn’t fuck up, it’s all good.

  2. My first philtrum piercing bruised up like a champion and looked not too dissimilar! It settled down and was fine after a few days, though!

  3. Ouch.. that just makes me think of my fat bruised lips… 🙂 time heals all lol

  4. My philtrum looked like that after it was pierced. My upper lip was also swollen for about 3 days. Nothing to worry about. I never had problems with my piercing and I was super crushed when I decided to retire it.

  5. Ouch…

    You should leave this kind of warning on all the bacony lobes posted here too, perhaps :/

  6. that was after about 3 days of being pierced, it’s now out and I re pierced a jestrum a few weeks later.

  7. What exactly is that? That’s kinda what mine looked like after I had it the first time. I’m not sure if it looks like that now, seriously doubt it, but it neverrrrrrr got that big. Just a tad larger than the post.

  8. that had a 12mm swell bar in it, and it was pulling through. there was an amazing amount of blood when it was removed.

  9. mine looked like that when i first had my labret done, plus some purple in there too. healed up fine after a week.

  10. my middle labret looked like that when it was first done too, with my lip swelling up so much it was resting on my chin for three days. now it’s 7 years later and i don’t think i’ve had a problem with it. sometimes, piercings just freak the fuck out when you first get them done, then they get over it.

  11. I had a huge purple bruise on the outside of my lip and chin when I had my vertica labret done a few years back. It was a black and blue chin for about 1 week, and when I had it pierced I could feel the blood vessel pop as it was done. Everything healed fine and no problems.

  12. in all honesty, it just looks like a freshly pierced medusa. Mine looked like that too. And so has everyone else’s Ive ever seen.

  13. LMMFAO!!!….at least the bruise is on the inside of the lip ……looks like someone got way too rough with the hemostats to me…..lip flesh is pretty resiliant tho……with the right jewelry & proper aftercare…..they’ll heal up just fine 🙂

  14. …mine looks like that too. i got it on saturday, 12mm long labret, no embedding but BRUISED!!!

    for once my friends were not lying when they said “oh yeah – that’ll hurt…alot!”

  15. Reading his comments especially # 13 he obviously knew that something wasn’t right.
    I hope that his Jestrum healed well.

  16. jestrum healed perfectly, and really quick.
    there’s photos of it somewhere in the galleries.

  17. My philtrum piercing was worse than that. It was practically black for a week. Inside and out. And it only just went away. (It was pierced four weeks ago) The swelling lasted for a week and a half. And as of right now, it looks and feels healed even though it’s far from.

  18. Mine did that as well. There was also a shit tonne of ulceration as well. I babied it and a few weeks later it was fine 🙂 a year later and it’s healthy and happy 🙂

  19. Honestly, it looks bruised and like they nicked a vein. Like everyone else says. What strikes me, is how tight the jewelry looks. There’s almost a crater where the jewelry is placed. It shouldn’t be that tight. It looks as if his lip will swallow it once he relaxes it.

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