Hold me closer tiny dancer……

Back in the 80′s when American kids played war, the Russians were always the bad guys. I suppose it was the Cold War era and America didn’t have any actual conflicts going on so we  villainized the Russian’s to have some pretend foes to blast our toy guns off at. Well, I am feeling a bit bad for that now seeing as how many of the modblog worthy submissions sent into BME are coming from Russia these days.

For example, this “Ballerine Suspension” sent to us from Arsenly Anderson, who said “Smertoslava was like a ballerine when being hooked up “.


21 thoughts on “Hold me closer tiny dancer……

  1. The amount of blood on the one right at her wrist is scary. Considering how many veins and shit there are in that area…

  2. Every Russian woman I’ve seen on modblog is just so damn beautiful!
    (though I’m not a fan of the pencil eyebrows)

  3. yeah i wasnt aware it was too dangerous to pierce the top of the wrist. that doesnt look like much blood considering.

  4. Oh. It is the top of her wrist, I thought it was the bottom. Just her awkward arm positioning.

  5. i never hated Russians, i just hated thier government…

    …wait, i often hate my government too! imagine that!
    (although i do have a fondness for ‘ol gorby!)

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