Another way to help out

As I posted earlier four members of our community were in a bad car wreck. Well if there is one thing our community is particularly good at it is helping other members of our community in their times of need. Some friends of ours in CORE have put together a benefit for  them  at the Next Door Bar that will take place  Saturday August 7th.


If you cannot make it out, please help spread the word.  Also if you would like to donate directly.  Please visit the main page of and follow the paypal link.

Thank you in advance and we hope to see yall there.

2 thoughts on “Another way to help out

  1. As a community We must pull together and make sure our own are taken care of. This is an amazing example of how we do this! I don’t know these people but If I lived in texas I would be there in a heartbeat! Living in minnesota Is a bit of a drive. Keep it up people and lets help out!!

  2. I will be out at the event!! its awful that this happened to such great people, I have been to several CoRE shows and they are always amazing

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