Adult erector set

When I was a kid, I used to love playing with erector sets, which I used to build all kinds of crazy contraptions. It appears this BME contributor, still enjoys making crazy contraptions with his custom   “erection set” that connects to his ampallang and makes for a custom penis stretching device.

For our readers with “real” jobs, I suppose I should put this behind a click through.


10 thoughts on “Adult erector set

  1. I don’t understand why u would do this. Ive got genital piercing and whatnot but something like this could do some permanent damage. I kinda like my penis to actually function.

  2. Two questions: Is this in an attempt to increase length? And also, is he wearing metal pants?

  3. Scott: I’m quite sure these are latex pants. There’s only a reflection next to the cockring.

  4. Yikes, looks like a good way to get a piercing to migrate and throw some scar tissue in its wake.

  5. He obviously broke his dick, and had to put it in traction. either that or it’s a halo brace, and they are about to do brain surgery on his little brain.

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