The body as art

While I was in the process of putting together this week’s news roundup, I came across a submission from Peter Mayaart about an artist from Palm Beach that combines piercings and body painting together to form a unique piece of art.

Georgette Pressler from Devious Body Art, has taken her preferred medium (paint on skin) and combined it with a corset piercing to create a really beautiful piece of art.


This piece was a collaboration between myself; Tara Hauck, who is our photographer; Shorty, who is a body piercer from Hellcat Tattoo; Melrose Telles, who is an amazing hairstylist; and Brittany Johns, who is our willing model.

Brittany had 22 piercings in her back. She is such a trooper. We had the piercings done first, and we stopped at 22, which is more than enough.

Shorty is an amazing piercer. He wanted to do something artistic, and he did this beautiful corseted lacework on her back, with chocolate satin ribbon. I came in and brought some vintage romance by doing copper paneling with gears, some tubing, a lot of metallic details and lacework.

This is something that we had been talking about for months. We started at 9 in the morning and worked until 9 or 10 at night. At the end of the day, we were all very happy with the work. It was what we had all really wanted: something reminiscent, something old and slightly mournful, but still beautiful and romantic at the same time.

The Palm Beach Post has a full interview with Georgette, as well as a gallery of the process involved in creating this work.

It’s amazing to think that a full team of people worked for 12 hours to create a beautiful work of art that was only going to last for a few hours at most.

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4 thoughts on “The body as art

  1. I love the ribbons. The tie downs are (creepy to me) arty and beautiful, to look at. The painting, I think should have been more toward the whole corset thing (I need schooling there. I don’t see what the artist means). The hurt of a body-squashing corset that women were expected to wear every day, and the hurt that the piercings that this woman went thro to make this piece…I see it, I feel it. It’s beautiful and it makes me angry.

  2. You’ve never worn a corset then CaveGal? They aren’t nearly as painful as you seem to think they are, properly fitted and laced they aren’t even all that uncomfortable. The main drawback is limited mobility not comfort.

  3. This is not the final pictures of the project. This photographer/journalist happened to be doing a story on Georgette while we were preparing our colaboration shoot. The ACTUAL photographs will be release on the 18th at a Local art show called Art Nouveau Presents Rock ‘n Tattoos at The Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL. Once you see the final pictures you will understand where the corset was worked in. This is only the first of a 4 part series the 4 of us are doing together. Each shoot is an all day event requiring hours of preparation for piercing, hair and makup, body painting and then the final shoot. The 2nd in the series will be finished this coming monday and will also be on display at the same Art Nouveau show! For more detail please feel free to contact Myself or Georgette Pressler. My website is:

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