Toronto: The Vinaayagar Chariot Festival

I’m a big fan of my hometown.  Those of us that live in Toronto will probably tell you the same.  While the rest of the country gives us grief for calling ourselves the center of the universe, we just go on about day with the knowledge that if something awesome is going to happen, it will be in Toronto.

Last week, a Toronto Star photographer took a series of photos at the Vinaayager Chariot Festival.  An annual event at the Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu Temple, located just north of the city.  While major events such as Pride and Caribana get a lot of press coverage, it’s great to see that our city has more than just the major events going for it.

Now you may be asking yourself, why is Rob talking about this on ModBlog?  Well the answer is fairly simple.  Part of the festivities include ritual piercings and suspensions.  I’ll let some of the photos explain for me.




You can see the rest of the images from the festival over at the Toronto Star

5 thoughts on “Toronto: The Vinaayagar Chariot Festival

  1. I’m unbelievably bummed out that I didn’t know about this ahead of time… Thanks for the heads up though, Rob! I’ve put it in my calendar for next year to hopefully make it out for it.

  2. Same as Jason, I’m bummed I didn’t know. I lived in Toronto for 7 years and never knew that festival existed! Reminds me a bit of the Phuket Vegetarian festival, which I met Jason for in Thailand last year.

  3. @chris The events have similar rituals, but this particular festival was in tribute of Ganesh, whereas the one you’re referring to is about Skanda and takes place earlier in the year.

  4. Well Tim, we now know when your next Toronto trip will be. Jason, you and I can all go to next year’s festival.

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