And you know your heart, well it’s an idiot heart

This scarification piece by Ighlif got me thinking that this is a clever reference to a song, or I’m just reading too much into the imagery.

In either case, the fresh cutting combined with the text underneath was really eye-catching.  I’m always curious as to how a scar will turn out, but in this case I am doubly so, as the contrast between the two stands out so well.  Given how well the last scar of Ighlif’s we featured turned out, I think the recipient is in for a beautiful looking scar.


You can find the full sized image here, as well as other works by Ighlif in the scarification galleries.

8 thoughts on “And you know your heart, well it’s an idiot heart

  1. i love sunset rubdown, so ‘idiot heart’ was the first thing i thought of when i saw this. it made me so happy. :)))

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